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Drinking Fountains are Making a Comeback

Drinking fountains are no new invention, although they have changed drastically over the years, but whereas they were once thought of as an unpleasant necessity, nowadays they are treasured. Besides the fact that employers are required to supply fountains for all their staff, they are also being embraced as a method of living healthily and happily. They are even becoming features in their own right, for those among us with a creative approach to interior design.

In offices throughout the country companies are investing in a wide range of different water coolers. For every difficult situation that prevents the purchase of a fountain, a new design is created, removing all reasons not to buy one. Your office is too small? Fit a counter top water cooler. Your gym is prone to vandalism? Fit a vandal-proof drinking fountain. Employers have finally recognised that a chilled and refreshing supply of water improves work performance and the health of the employees. With no drawbacks, there is no reason not to invest in one; be it plumbed or bottled water.

Now that individuals are so used to using water fountains at work and at their local gyms, they have found that the need for refreshing water has extended to their homes and social events. Why invest in overpriced bottled water when you can install a plumbed in water cooler for a low price? With modern and streamlined designs they are even becoming a feature of the contemporary home, although it has to be said that the more sophisticated the design, the more expensive the unit will be and at the end of the day, water is water.

One of the beneficial side-effects of the growing popularity of drinking coolers is the drop in price and varied designs. Not everyone can afford the continuous upkeep and cost of some of the models and the different designs ensure that there is one to suit each consumer and each location; whether it is for business or personal use. For those trying to lose weight, trying to increase productivity or simply trying to live a healthier life, water coolers anddrinking fountains are providing an essential service and fulfilling one of our human rights in the simplest way.