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Easy Ordering? We’ll Drink to That!

The problem with water coolers, any business manager who owns one will know, is managing the supply of the consumables. Every two weeks the delivery driver calls by and you have to decide there and then if you need any water bottle top ups, and if so, how many.

You may be organised.

You may have a spreadsheet or some kind of metric to help you monitor water consumption and predict just how much water you’ll need in any given fortnight.

Or you may just go with taking a punt and find yourself with a thirsty workforce or a store cupboard overflowing with 19L bottles of mineral water.

In your place, I’m pretty sure I know which category I’d be firmly sitting in… I’ve never been a great fan of spreadsheets!

The thing is that it’s often not about a lack of organisation; water consumption can be influenced by a whole host of things: the weather; staff holidays; sickness; the amount of work you have on your books – talking is really thirsty work and can seriously affect a team’s water intake, whether through increased customer contact or simply gossiping… by the water cooler! The vicissitudes are many and really quite difficult to predict. replacement water bottles

Having worked with water since the ‘80s, at MIW we know how easy it is to be caught short, which is why we offer a free next day delivery service of 19L mineral water bottles across the north east of England, covering Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Middlesbrough, Teesside, Morpeth and Tyne & Wear.

But let’s not have anyone say that we’re biased towards our neighbours; we’ve also recently launched a nationwide next day delivery service providing 15L bottles of spring water throughout the entire UK. Customers can order as much or as little as they like – even a single bottle as a stopgap – quickly and easily via our website. And for those who do like to plan ahead and order in bulk, we offer a rather tasty discount for orders of six bottles or more, because we’re nice like that.

Trumpet blowing isn’t really our thing, but the primary ethos of MIW is to provide the best possible service to our customers, and to do that you need to know exactly what we can do for you. So this is us, modestly tootling away on our piccolo, while gently nudging you in the direction of our consumables page.

Sometimes it’s the little things which really make a difference.

Simple service, job done.