Ensuring your Bottle Filler is Suitable for the Disabled or Vulnerable

If you own a school, health club or community centre, the chances are you’ll be managing some form of drinking fountain or bottle filler. It is also likely that you’ve made several changes to your premises to cater to either those with visual or physical difficulties, or those who are particularly vulnerable due to their age. Whether it’s young children, the older generation or wheelchair user, you’ll have likely made considerations to ensure that everyone is given equal opportunities within your workplace. This could be in the form of an access ramp, a stair lift, or large-print documents, but either way we’re all keen to ensure that no one is left out. But, can you say that your drinking facilities are as accommodating as you’d like them to be?

Unfortunately, not all indoor water coolers or outdoor bottle filling stations are accessible to every one of us. Due to their height, shape or touch taps and levers, many drinking fountains may be unusable by those who are less physically able. When it comes to filling up water bottles, the necessity for accuracy and a steady hand become even greater. However, there are outdoor bottle filling stations like the Halsey Taylor Endura II 4420BF, which are designed to provide easy drinking for the disabled, the young and the old.

The 4420BF is one of several outdoor bottle filling stations which has been designed in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities acts for adults and children, a piece of American legislature but just as relevant here in the United Kingdom. Due to their low height and tubular design, even those with visual or physical impairments will be able to safely and securely place their bottle on the platform for filling.

Another way which you could improve the accessibility of your workplace with the 4420BF is with its smooth water flow. Many of the Halsey Taylor outdoor bottle filler stations feature laminar flow, which ensures that the tap doesn’t chug or spit water, even at speeds of up to a gallon per minute. The 4420BF will fill a standard 500ml sports bottle in under ten seconds, whilst retaining a straight column of water into the bottle. Furthermore, the 4420BF’s sensitive push-button actuation mechanism will automatically shut off water flow if pressure is released, meaning no overflowing or embarrassing spillages. Even if too much water is released, a stainless steel basin will drain any excess water before it can accumulate and splash.

So, take another look at your drinking facilities, especially if you own an outdoor bottle filler. Ensure that it’s as easily accessible to those with visual or physical disabilities, the very young, and the elderly. If your current model doesn’t include the features mentioned above, you may want to browse the full range of Halsey Taylor Endura II bottle filling stations.