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Facts on Recyclable Plastic Cups

We all know that keeping hydrated is as essential to our health as breathing or eating, and when we consider that the human body is two thirds water, this does not come as a surprise.

The NHS advises that we drink at least 1.2 litres of water every day, or around eight glasses. This sounds like a lot, but without it you could risk affecting both your physical and mental wellbeing. Just 2% dehydration and you could miss out on that final mile on the treadmill, or suffer impaired decision making and lack of concentration at the office.

Fortunately, most places of leisure or work will usually feature a water cooler.  Mains fed water dispensers like the Cosmetal Rio or Oasis Kalix water cooler offer a quick and practical drink of water whenever it’s needed, meaning no time or money wasted on trips to the shop for overpriced bottled water.

In smaller locations these drinking fountains can be used with glasses or ceramic mugs, but for busier settings like the office or a health club it is often more convenient and hygienic to use low cost plastic cups. You’ll avoid the running costs of a dishwasher, or queuing up to wash your mug in a cramped work kitchen. And on top of this, you’ll never smash or chip a7oz plastic cup for your water cooler!

These cheap plastic 7oz cups are one of the most affordable solutions for convenient drinking from your water cooler, at around £38 for 3,000 7oz clear plastic cups. This is a small cost to avoid the need for any ceramics or glassware, the cost of running a dishwasher, and any time which your staff may have spent washing up. These clear plastic cups are more expensive than the 4 oz coned paper cups which are also available, however they do hold several structural advantages over paper.

Most white or clear plastic cups feature ridged edges, meaning they won’t slip out of your hand, even if you accidentally overfill them. They’re also designed with a rolled rim, for easy drinking and no embarrassing spillages. Both of these features are essential for settings like the office, where you may be rushing back and forth amongst important documents and expensive electrical equipment.

If you’re tempted to purchase a set of 7oz clear plastic cups but aren’t convinced of the environmental impact, you may be surprised to learn that they are also more eco-friendly than disposable 4 oz paper cups.  Paper cone cups cannot be recycled due to their thin wax film, which makes them waterproof.  Cheap plastic cups, on the other hand, are widely recycled and can be used to make any number of new products.  Even if you’re concerned about the cost and effort of large-scale recycling, companies like Save A Cup offer a non-profit service for collecting recyclable cheap plastic cups. They’re government funded too, meaning they’ll charge you very little for the service.

Low cost plastic cups offer the most hygienic and environmentally friendly drinking solution for your office, gym or health club. If you’re not already using them, can you really afford not to be?