Five stylish water coolers for your office

MIW Office Solutions have a range of stylish and attractive water coolers which complement the decor of any office.  Now you don’t have to make a compromise between annoying the staff by hiding the water cooler away and alienating the architect by insisting on it taking pride of place.

These coolers from MIW cover every kind of office situation and you’re sure to be able to find one that meets your needs and complements your office decor perfectly.

The Kalix floor standing water cooler provides high volume chilled water on demand thanks to innovative technology. The Kalix has an easy wipe, anti-scratch case which makes this machine great value for heavy traffic areas or public areas in large offices and good value at just £4.95* a week on a five year contract.

Also good value for busy areas is the MIW698 floor standing water cooler. This floor standing water cooler features direct chill technology and a ten litre waste storage tank to avoid the age-old problem of soggy floors around the water cooler.  The MIW698 comes with free plumbing up to two metres from a water outlet and costs just £5.95* a week on a five year rental contract.  This elegant machine will look attractive anywhere in the office.

The Odyssey TC counter top water cooler is the perfect solution for a small office. Its sleek looks won’t be out of place anywhere in your office and this powerful little machine provides both chilled and room temperature water. The Odyssey TC is great rental value at just £4.25* a week, with free plumbing within two metres of a water supply.

The compact 510TC counter top water cooler will look smart on any work surface in your office. It won’t break the bank either, at just £3.95* per week on a five year rental contract which includes all servicing and repairs, three thousand cups and a replacement machine every three years.

The Onyx counter top water cooler is a stylish and reliable budget water cooler for the small office.  Its metal side panels and aluminum trim will match any contemporary office decor. The Onyx is a perfect budget machine at just £219* outright purchase.