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Is your gym water cooler letting you down?

Even the swankiest of gyms fall short of they fail to provide their members with the basic amenity of cool and readily available fresh water. What does your water fountain say about your fitness club?

Never mind hot tubs, state-of-the-art fitness machines or the very latest fat-melting kit; the most important piece of equipment in the gym is the humble water cooler.

Without it, gym members struggle to perform and they may even risk the many dangers of dehydration. Water coolers are the one piece of equipment that virtually every member will visit each time they hit the gym – yet all too often they are woefully inadequate.

In many gyms, despite vast investment in dazzling new fitness technologies, water coolers are faulty, outdated or simply unable to meet capacity.

The result is often long queues of frustrated fitness fanatics or, worse, gym members cutting corners with their water intake, potentially jeopardising their health.

Fast growth in fitness club memberships means many gyms have increased their customer base rapidly, without upgrading their gym water coolers or sports bottle-fillers.

If you’re a gym owner with an embarrassingly old water cooler hidden in some darkened corner, upgrading it needn’t leave you sweating over your bottom line.

Is your gym water cooler letting you down

At MIW, the water cooler experts, we offer a range of flexible options, including rental arrangements without long contracts.

We have an array of gym water coolers to suit any size of establishment in various settings, including ultra-luxurious executive models to robust outdoor-suitable coolers.

We supply water coolers to gyms across the UK, including most recently to the Bank of England’s internal staff fitness club.

The country’s foremost financial authority entrusted MIW to provide a means to keep its employees well hydrated in their workout time.

In the end, the Bank opted for the Elkay EZH2O model, which is designed to eradicate long queues of people, and spillages, by filling bottles rapidly and efficiently.

But we have many more high capacity water coolers to choose from, including those from other trusted, quality brands such as Cosmetal, Oasis and Halsey Taylor.

We can supply them for an outright purchase price which may by the equivalent of less than a handful of annual memberships – or for as little as £5 per week through a rental arrangement.