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Halsey Taylor UK: Pure Innovation

It’s been a decade since MIW was selected as the sole UK distributor for Halsey Taylorwater coolers.

The landmark partnership is just another successful chapter in the impressive story of the US water giants Halsey Taylor – and MIW, the UKs only and official dealer.

Halsey TaylorFormed in 1896, Halsey Taylor is the world’s largest supplier of water coolers.   Halsey W. Taylor dedicated his life to ensuring that the public had access to safe drinking water.

In his early years, Taylor experienced the personal impact of contaminated water, when his father died of typhoid fever.

He also suspected that unclean water was to blame for the rapid spread of dysentery among his fellow workers at the Packard Motor Car Company.

Bubbling with innovation

In a bid to provide people with sanitary drinking water, Taylor introduced the world’s first sanitary fountain in 1912.

A few years later, during WW1, Halsey was concerned over the safety of drinking water in overcrowded army camps.

His response was the invention of the Double Bubbler™ which is still today one of the water industry’s most significant innovations ever. It projects two jets of water that converge and become one to form a plentiful flow of water at the apex of the stream, this means there is no need to put the mouth to the tap, which prevents contamination.

The Double Bubbler™ was the first of many innovations that helped to make Halsey Taylorthe world’s leading drinking and water cooler manufacturer for the last century.

Halsey TaylorToday, Halsey Taylor provides a variety of water coolers and drinking fountains for indoor and outdoor spaces; from traditional models to contemporary designs, including a hands-free electronic sensor.

Halsey Taylor specialises in supplying the following products:

• School drinking fountains
• Vandal proof water dispensers
• Recessed & semi recessed drinking fountains
• Freeze resistant outdoor drinking fountains for parks and schools
• Stainless steel drinking fountains & water dispensers

Like Halsey Taylor, MIW shares the same core values of providing people with safe, clean, drinking water.

We’re proud of our exclusive connections with Halsey Taylor and to be part of the continuing story.