Thinking of hiring a bottled water cooler in the North East?

If you’re looking to hire a bottled water cooler for your workplace, you may be overwhelmed by the many options on the market; even before you think about the hire deal and the price of bottle water.

Oasis Bottle Water Cooler MIW

This is why MIW has launched our all-new North East bottled water cooler offer. We have a water cooler to suit any size and type of business and we can help you choose the perfect product for your workplace. What’s more, with no lengthy commitments on your part, you can always cancel, upgrade or choose a different option at a later date, as your requirements change.

The service allows you to hire a bottled water cooler with no contract for as little as £2.77 per week, as long as your business is based within the North East of England and in one of these postcodes: NE, DH, DL, TS and SR.

If your postcode is not listed above, but you are in the North East, please get in touch and we’ll endeavor to accommodate you if possible.

We have desktop, floor standing and even bottom-loaded floor standing bottled water coolers for those who don’t wish to lift and flip large, heavy water bottles. We have coolers with a range of capacities, depending on the size and needs of your team, and also products designed to be wheelchair accessible. See our wide range of bottled water coolers here

However large or small your business may be, or whether you are based in an office, factory or industrial environment, we have a bottled water cooler that will match your needs.

Call 01207 572 000 today or click here to find out more.