Increase Productivity Levels With an Industrial Wall Mounted Fan

Fresh air, water and sleep; these are the three essential components for a productive workforce. The sleep is difficult to have control over, but the other 2 components are largely left to the employer. Provide a cool supply of drinking water from a water dispenser and ensure that the air in your working environment is cool and fresh and you will see productivity increase. It is as simple as that.

Or is it? How exactly can a company achieve this desired level of fresh air circulating around the building without installing a costly air conditioning unit? Two words; oscillating fan. It is a simple option that requires minimal installation and maintenance and yet is extremely effective at circulating cool air. Naturally, as with any useful piece of equipment these days, there is quite a range to choose from. Consider the size of the space you wish to use it in and the power supply. Aheavy duty wall mounted fan or wall mounted industrial fan is ideal for large areas such as factories or gyms. Similarly, a wall mounted fan is an ideal space saver, meaning your employees don’t have to work around it or move it to clean. The less it is moved the less chance there is for damages, prolonging the life of your fan.

Take into consideration how often it will be used and the preferred voltage. Typically you will find a choice of 110v oscillating wall mounted fans and 240v wall mounted oscillating industrial fans, but either way you are looking at a very low energy usage considering what you and your employees will get out of it. Look out for industrial cooling fans that offer light aluminium blades as this ensures you are getting optimum air flow. In terms of value for money you really get what you pay for concerning wall mounted fans, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of any special offers. Just be wary of prices that seem too good to be true. A cheaply made fan is not going to provide much air movement for your staff.

There is nothing worse than being in a warm, stifling environment at work. It can leave you feeling sleepy and often has a significantly adverse effect on productivity. By circulating the air and providing a cool breeze effect in the room your staff will feel more awake and alert, leading to a higher level in terms of both quantity and quality. Your staff will certainly thank you for it.