Industrial Wall Mounted Oscillating Fans 110v & 240v

Industrial scale wall mounted fans are ideal for any situation or location where a large amount of air flow is required in a small space. While a regular handheld or desktop fan is sufficient for keeping the family cool during a particularly hot summers day, or for dissipating unpleasant smells after decorating or cleaning the house, when it comes to moving large quantities of air they just do not make the grade. Fortunately, a wide variety of heavy duty fans are available from MIW for those industrial or commercial operations which require a higher level of performance.

Products like the KWP-2460 are industry standards, and can be used almost anywhere. They are wall mounted fans, meaning that they can be securely attached to any vertical surface – a necessity in smaller areas where heat, fumes or steam can also quickly accumulate. They are also oscillating fans, and can be either locked in position or rotated up to 70 degrees in both directions. This gives you greater control over your air flow, and allows you to tailor your fan to your specific industrial or commercial needs. Your wall mounted fan could either be static, to aim the air at an extraction unit or open window, or oscillating to ensure the maximum movement of air and dispersion of heat or vapours.

Heavy duty fans are ideal for environments such as gyms, where the increased core body temperature from exercise leads to the release of both heat and water through perspiration. The dispersion of these by-products ensures the comfort of the users, and prevents any compromise to the surfaces or structure of the gym. Similarly, oscillating wall mounted fans could also be used in factories or warehouses where a great deal of water vapour or heat are given off as by-products of industrial processes or chemical reactions. Any visit to a reasonably-sized local laundrette will reveal a humid atmosphere, which fans can be used to control and reduce. Factories manufacturing products for any number of industries could also benefit from heavy duty fans in combination with exhaust fans, as the heat or fumes from processes such as welding, cooking, moulding and many others can cause discomfort or illness if not treated correctly.

The KWP-2460 is an 110v wall mounted fan, but also comes as a more powerful 240v model. The 110v model is able to move an impressive 110 cubic metres of air per minute at full capacity, but if this is surplus to requirements then the 3-speed dial can be switched, to reduce power and more importantly save money through electricity bills. Both models also feature slim line aluminium fans which slice through the air with ease, leading to more efficient performance. They are encased with strong stainless steel, ensuring they will remain securely attached to your wall with no risk of damage or injury. Furthermore, their unique design means that maintenance is rarely ever required, as their inner workings are sufficiently protected to ensure the smooth running of the fan at all times.