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Do Island Castaways Need Vandal Proof Drinking Fountain

Although many of us are simply reminded of television shows like Lost or Tom Hanks’ iconic performance with “Wilson” in Castaway, for explorer Pedro de Serrano being trapped on an island became a very real experience. In the 16th Century, his ship sank and the Spanish sailor found himself stranded on the small island with only a knife and a shirt to hand.

With relatively few ships passing by the remote area of the Caribbean in which he was stranded, de Serrano was faced with one option – use the turtles of the island for his own survival. He ate the meat of the turtles and used their empty shells to collect water, as he could find no other animals to use as a source of food, hydration or clothing.

After three years of poor diet, scorching sun and complete isolation, Pedro de Serrano finally set eyes upon another human being – a sailor who had escaped his wrecked ship and was swimming towards the island’s shore. The two maintained their sanity for several years with a strict daily schedule, although their irritability – caused mainly by dehydration and exposure to the sun – eventually lead to the two men splitting the island in half. In spite of their complete isolation, each decided to stick to their own area and prevent any further disagreements.

IOW Sailing Clubs latest addition

Four more years passed until the two sailors were finally rescued by a passing ship. The two men had to convince the sailors that they were indeed humans – and not devils – before being rescued and somehow living to tell their tale.

Staying hydrated when out on the open sea

One of the reasons that de Serrano was able to survive for so long was the fact that he had reliable access to clean water. Without water, dehydration can cause death in only a week or two – or even sooner in the hot Caribbean sun. Whether they’re sailing across the pond to the United States or spending a few hours with a fishing rod several miles offshore, sailors always require fresh water to stay healthy when out on the open sea.
This is why MIW recently supplied two Halsey Taylor Endura II 4400BF tubular vandal proof drinking fountain  & bottle fillers to the Island Sailing Club located on the Isle of Wight. The two drinking fountains were purchased by Sunsail, a leading supplier of sailing and water sports holidays, as part of the sailing club’s 125th anniversary celebrations.

The club not only hosts dozens of races throughout the year, but also holds regular cruising events where yacht owners can socialise and show off their boats on the open sea. On top of this, the club’s popular clubhouse and restaurant are often used for functions, parties and business meetings. The installation of two Halsey Taylor Endura II 4400BF drinking fountain & bottle filling stations has meant that members of the Island Sailing Club can now enjoy a refreshing drink of water whenever they like – whether out on sea or while harboured up.

How would you cope as a castaway on a desert island? Could you collect water in turtle shells like Pedro de Serrano, or would you prefer a more reliable hydration solution like the outdoor Endura II 4400BF bottle filling station? Please share this post….