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It takes 33g of wood bark and pulp to produce a single paper cone cup

If your office, health club or school currently houses a mains fed water cooler or drinking fountain, then 4 oz. paper cone cups are an inexpensive and convenient product to stock up on.

It can often be difficult to consume the recommended eight glasses of water a day, but by supplying your customers or employees with a water cooler and a set of 4 oz. paper cone cups, you’ll be encouraging frequent hydration. The advantages of this are obvious, especially in the work place.  Without adequate water it’s easy enough to insert an extra “0” or tick the wrong box, relatively minor mistakes which could easily cost you and your company time and money.

One major advantage of choosing paper cups is their price.  5,000 4oz paper cone cups will set you back around £50, which equates to around 1p per cup! This is slightly cheaper than the plastic water cooler cups which are also available to purchase for your place of work. Even greater discounts can be found by ordering in bulk, meaning that if your water cooler is placed amongst a high volume of people, you could save even more money by choosingpaper cone cups.

These cheap 4oz paper cups are cone shaped, making them easy to hold and drink from. Their shape is designed to encourage quick drinking, as the cups cannot be placed on flat surfaces. This means that, as an employer, your workers will be spending less time standing around the water cooler and more time at their desks! Even if you own a gym or health club, the triangular shape of the cups encourages customers to resume their activity without losing motivation or energy through procrastination.

On top of this, by choosing these low cost 4oz paper cones, like those sold by industry leaders konIe Cups, you will eliminate the risk of water marks on your equipment or desks. This can be especially useful in an office setting, as the smallest of spillages could potentially ruin pages of important documents.

Although they are cheaper than plastic cups, 4oz paper cone cups are also more harmful to the environment. This may come as surprising news, but it is mainly due to a thin layer of wax which seals the cups and renders them waterproof. This wax makes the paper unrecyclable, and although the paper itself is usually sourced from recycled fibres, according to the Royal Society of Chemistry it will typically take around 33g of wood bark and pulp to produce a single paper cone cup. Whether recycled or not, this isn’t ideal. However, the production of low cost 4oz paper cone cups does not require the use of ever-dwindling fossil fuels like oil, and also doesn’t produce any toxic fumes.

If you are more serious about being eco-friendly, yet would still like to enjoy the financial and ergonomic advantages of paper cups, you may like the range of Genpak paper cone cupswhich have been designed to be fully compostable. Despite a higher cost and the necessity of importing from the United States, the wax on these cups has been altered to allow quick decomposition. They are even BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) approved, so you can be sure your cups will not cause harm to the environment once used.