Keep your New Years resolutions going through 2017

Why water could be the fuel that keeps your good intentions on track in the year ahead.

Many people’s New Year’s resolutions are already a distant memory by February.

The early promise of a new start can be quickly forgotten as the stresses and strains of working life return after the festive break.

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But you don’t have to wait for another start to the year to roll around again to make changes in your life.

One small step – that could have huge benefits to your health and wellbeing – is to make sure you’re drinking enough water.

Staying well hydrated can be connected to many things in your life – from how you feel, to how you look and even how you perform at work.

People drinking an adequate amount of water at work are proven to be more productive. Concentration levels are also higher among those people – as they are with students and school children who regularly drink water between lessons.

Drinking water has other benefits too; such as reducing fatigue, improving mood,  aiding digestion and alleviating constipation. Drinking regular fluids can also boost weight loss.

As well as maximising your performance in the gym, water can also keep snack cravings at bay by providing a feeling of fullness.

A workplace water cooler is the perfect piece of kit to keep you focused on drinking enough every day.

It removes the temptation to buy seemingly healthy alternatives, such as flavoured water, which are often loaded with sugar. And water coolers are no longer expensive or a big commitment involving lengthy contracts.

MIW has a range of water coolers and drinking fountains available to hire with no minimal terms. They are suitable for any environment and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

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