Low Cost Industrial Drum fans

For those who require a cheap way to blow huge volumes of air for their business or building, a mobile drum fan is usually the answer. Whereas oscillating wall-mounted fans or extractor fans each serve their individual purposes, even in an industrial environment, they do not provide the sheer power of a drum fan. These fans are often also used for the convenience of being able to move them to the required location or position, while still providing the large volume of air flow for which they are characteristic.

The Tank 3076 is a 30” drum fan, which is also available in 24” and 36” versions for less or more air flow respectively. The dimensions of the Tank 3076 are under a metre in all directions, and with 76cm blades this drum fan is particularly effective solution where space may be tight but air flow requirements are large. Complete with a handle and wheels, the Tank Fa3076 can be manoeuvred into position and moved as frequently as is required, with minimal effort. The product also weighs a mere 28kg, or the approximate weight of two average desktop computer towers. This mobility means that depending on the scale of your operation or company, your fan can be transported between buildings, towns, or even countries.

Although certain less expensive models offer only a horizontal plane of air flow with no adjustment or vertical rotation, many drum fans like the Tank 3076 fan feature a rotating horizontal axis, meaning that the drum fan can be rolled into position, and aimed directly in the desired direction. This may be in the general direction of air vents, across areas where a large amount of heat or steam collect, or even bisecting your employee workstations. Whatever your requirements, the mobility and design of your mobile drum fan will cater to your air flow needs regardless of the situation or location.

On top of this, a 3 speed controller enables you to specify the speed of your drum fan, reducing or increasing the volume of air being moved, depending on the size of your building and the purpose of the air flow. This feature also has the potential to save you additional money on your electricity bill. Although all drum fans are very energy efficient, by adjusting the speed you are able to produce only as much air flow, and therefore only use as much electricity, as is required for your specific needs. On full power, an 110v drum fan like the 3076 will typically move around 16,000 cubic metres of air per hour! While this is an impressive figure, it may be surplus to requirements, and as such can be reduced for greater energy savings.

By purchasing a mobile drum fan like the 3076, you will be provided with a portable, powerful way to create huge air flow, with minimal fuss or hassle. What’s more, high quality materials and secure design which make up most drum fans mean that no maintenance is ever required; you can simply plug in and let the product blow you away.