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Making a Splash as the Star of the Show – MIW Recall Their Susi Earnshaw Debut!

Now, it’s always fun working around kids; even the cheeky ones have a special sort of contagious energy which can’t help but put a smile on your face, but theatre school kids seem to have that little bit of extra joie de vivre, which means that even after seven years of collaboration, visiting Susi Earnshaw’s remains a real pleasure.

Drinking water is a good habit for any child to get into (we may have mentioned this before, once or twice…). A hydrated mind aids concentration while a hydrated body is at its healthy best, and water is by far the healthiest means of achieving that. However, in a theatre school, water has one further purpose: it helps to keep those vocal chords lubricated, when projection, darling, is everything. That’s why Headmaster, David Earnshaw, first contacted MIW to install plumbed water coolers in the school.

Back in 2010 we began with a single cooler, since then we’ve returned on a regular – and often unplanned – basis to change filters, service units, handle sanitation issues, and install new coolers –most recently, the Halsey Taylor Sports Bottle Filling Station, which seems to be getting around at the moment! Schools, more than anywhere else, seem to be switched on to the serious need to help the environment and reduce plastic waste.

While we enjoy the ambience of the school – one of our favourite (there’s that f-words again!) pastimes is spotting potential stars, and although we’re not going to namedrop, we’ve met a fair few over the years – they enjoy our stellar service. Despite the location we’ve never yet created any drama… Although it could be argued that a couple of our technicians might be considered works of comedy!

MIW’s been in business since 1989, and one of the real perks of such longevity is that we’ve been able to build strong and lasting relationships with customers like the Susi Earnshaw Theatre School. New customers are always welcome – we’re very, very pleased to help you – but what we really thrive on is long term service, where we can get to know you and deliver the goods and services that you need, even before you know that you need them.

As Shakespeare said, ‘A woman would run through fire and water for such a kind heart.’ Or, at least, invite us for cooler installation, so there’s no later risk that she’ll need to run through water.