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MIW Office Solutions – Providing Drinking Water Fountains for Schools Since 1989

For over a quarter of a century, MIW has been the number one choice for drinking water fountains for schools. We have supplied schools stretching from the Scottish highlands to the Southern coast, with student populations from several hundred to several thousand, each time helping to keep pupils healthy and hydrated during one of the most important stages of their academic lives.

Why do schools need indoor and outdoor drinking fountains?

According to NHS research, even slight dehydration can cause headaches, exhaustion, hypotension and impaired cognitive functioning. Our bodies are usually comprised of two thirds water, as it is used in everything from lubricating joints to digesting food. When we are dehydrated all of these biological processes become less efficient, and thus our mental and physical performance can be greatly reduced.

This is especially the case for younger children, who are not only more sensitive to heat – and therefore to loss of fluid through sweating, but are also undergoing essential mental and physical development. A chronic lack of water can severely impair growth and functioning, which not only poses problems for their day-to-day learning, but also their long-term development.

Why do schools choose MIW for their drinking water fountains?

A consistently high level of performance is one of the major reasons schools choose MIW for their drinking water fountains. UK schools like the Stockport Academy see nearly a thousand students pass through their doors every day, so they need a product that will keep everyone hydrated without causing lengthy queues or disrupting lessons.

We caught up with Angela Sorby, Head of Estates at Stockport Academy, who said of the HTHB-1800 bottle filler: “When our new building opened in 2008, we soon discovered that our original drinking fountains could not cope with our large student population. MIW helped us with selecting and installing new water coolers that offered the durability and performance required by a busy school setting. We only wish that we’d used MIW to begin with!

On the other hand, some schools choose MIW for the durability and reliability that our products guarantee.  Staff from Sandwick Junior High School, which is situated on a remote island some 50 miles away from the Scottish mainland, said that: “Breakdowns in the Shetlands are problematic and very expensive, but this unit is extremely durable – rarely causing our maintenance team a problem.”

A number of payment options

At MIW Office Solutions there are a number of different payment options when it comes to drinking water fountains for schools. Some institutions choose to make a one-off payment for their units, benefitting from our competitive prices on timeless models like the Halsey Taylor 2509 outdoor drinking fountain – which is available for only £169.

Conversely, a number of schools have also chosen one of our affordable rental plans, taking advantage of products like the state-of-the-art HTHB-1350 bottle filler for only £8.95 per week.