MIW Secure Contract to Supply Water Dispensers to Kazakhstan

MIW secured an order for 40 Oasis plumbed hot and cold water dispensers to Kisco, a Kazakhstan-based company and part of the global LFF Group. The £12,000 purchase was arranged through staff at the LFF Scotland offices based in Aberdeen.

The LFF Group was formed in 1983, and primarily supplies piping solutions for the gas and oil industries. Their offices range from Kazakhstan to Scotland, and American to New Zealand. Kisco was established in 1999, with warehouses in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, where the 40 plumbed hot and cold water dispensers will be shipped.

Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world, bordering Russia, China and the Caspian Sea. By the year 2010 over 200 oil, gas and other hydrocarbon accumulations (or “basins”) had been discovered across the country. These discoveries included the Tengiz oil field, one of the deepest and largest of its kind.

Last year Kazakhstan produced 81.8 million tonnes of oil and 42.3 billion cubic metres of gas, while also processing a further 14.3 million tonnes of oil. Kazakh Oil and Gas Minister Uzakbai Karabalin recently revealed plans for the country to produce 83 million tonnes of oil in 2014, while refining an additional 14 million tonnes and producing 41 billion cubic metres of gas.

With such an active energy industry and vast natural resources, there are ample opportunities for businesses to grow within Kazakhstan’s oil and gas industries. With oil and gas fields second in size only to Russia, and plans for this year’s oil output to surpass 2013, companies like Kisco appear to be investing towards this future growth. Sustaining such a high output requires a large amount of staff and physically taxing labour, thus requiring quality hydration facilities for the entire workforce. A testament to the size of the operation is the fact that an impressive 40 units were purchased, totalling £12,000.

The 40 plumbed hot and cold water dispensers ordered by Kisco allow employees to enjoy fresh, clean chilled water to keep them hydrated around the clock. The unit also dispenses boiling hot water, which is ideal for coffee and other hot drinks. Oasis plumbed hot and cold water dispensers are recognised for their fast water flow, which prevents lengthy queues. Water is drawn directly from the mains supply, eliminating the necessity of purchasing inconvenient and expensive bottled water. In combination with internal components which are manufactured to the highest quality, this also ensures water is fresh and free from contaminates.

If you’re interested in the range of Oasis plumbed water dispensers ordered by Kisco in Kazakhstan, the full range of products can be viewed here MIW.co.uk.