New “Green” Anti-Vandal Outdoor Drinking Fountain

There are plenty of ways to stay hydrated while you’re working, having a day out with the family or getting some exercise. Supermarkets sell bottled water at inexpensive prices if you buy in bulk, and there are countless vending machines and cafes dotted around the country offering water and other drinks. While this is convenient, it can however become an expensive habit. Fortunately, however, there are outdoor bottle fillers and drinking fountains in parks all over the country, and just by switching to a plastic sports bottle we could save not only money, but also the environment.

Firstly, there’s the obvious long term economic advantage of using a sports bottle with anoutdoor bottle filling station over regular plastic bottles of water. A typical pack of twelve bottles will cost around the same as a Nike, Adidas or Puma sports bottle. This means that twelve runs or football games down the line, you’ll be shelling out even more than you would, had you gone for the permanent water bottle. Furthermore, you’ll often find that a sports bottle will provide better grip while you’re running, with some specially designed models featuring a hole to grasp. On top of this, easy to use valve caps mean you won’t have to slow down to rehydrate.

Of course sports bottles rely on an equally efficient outdoor bottle filling station, but there are dozens of high quality products to choose from, many of which are found right here at MIW. The Halsey Taylor Endura II 4430BF is a favourite for outdoor installation, due to its corrosion-resistant E-coat immersion outer surface, and anti-vandal heavy gauge steel access panel. It remains in perfect working condition despite damage from vandals or the elements, allowing you to refill your sports bottle in parks, at popular jogging spots or even at the shopping centre.

Outdoor bottle filling stations like the 4430BF are ideal for these locations, because they will deliver fresh water at a rate of one gallon per minute, meaning a standard 500ml bottle will be full in just under seven seconds. Two mound-building bubbler taps and a standard bottle filler mean several users can also fill their sports bottles at once, reducing the chance of interrupting your exercise or game with a long wait.

Not only does the use of a sports bottle andoutdoor bottle filling station like the 4430BF provide fresher, cleaner water, by reducing the use of plastic bottles you’ll also be reducing our use of fossil fuels and ever-worsening global warming. The production of a typical one litre plastic bottle will use crude oil and up to two litres of water, not forgetting the massive carbon dioxide emissions throughout the manufacturing and transporting processes. Conversely, once a sports bottle has been produced it will last for years, meaning less demand for disposable plastic water bottles and less damage to the environment.

If you’re serious about saving money and helping to combat global warming, recycle your old disposable plastic bottles and invest in a new sports bottle. Used in conjunction with an outdoor bottle filling station like the Elkay LK4430BF, you’ll enjoy cleaner, fresher water at a fraction of the cost. To see if the 4430BF is right for your local park, or to view other models in the Halsey Taylor Endura II series, visit the store.