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New Vandal Proof Outdoor Drinking Fountain

So once the plastic bottles have been made, it can be a problematic process to re-use to safely dispose of them. But what actually goes into a single plastic bottle? Research in the United States has claimed that up to 17 million barrels of non-renewable oil are used in the production of plastic bottles each year, a figure which shoots up to 54 million barrels if we also take into account packaging, transport and storage. The environmental impact of bottled water becomes shockingly apparent, but fortunately there is a way to limit this damage to the planet.

Switching from bottled water to an outdoor bottle filler like the Halsey Taylor Endura II 4405BF is a step in the right direction, as once the fountain is installed it requires no additional time wasted ordering bottles, and therefore no extra emissions from the production and transport of the bottled water. It is simply connected to the main water pipe, and both anti-vandal structural features and a corrosion-resistant E-coat immersion paint surface ensure that no further attention or maintenance will be required.

The Halsey Taylor 4405BF & Elkay’s LK4405BF  will also save you time by eliminating the need for labour-intensive bottle collections. If your employees stick to their own glass or sports bottle, you won’t be left with hundreds of empty bottles at the end of each month. By using an outdoor bottle filler like the Halsey Taylor 4405 BF, and reducing the need for collection, the harmful fumes which many large lorries release during transit will also be reduced. American research has shown that large diesel vehicles are releasing dangerously high amounts of carbon monoxide and other gasses, potentially harming us and contributing to climate change. When we consider that the British water industry also produces 30,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, if we’re concerned with global warming then it is worth switching from bottled water to a mains fed outdoor bottle filling station like the 4405BF.

If the environmental impact and logistical headaches surrounding the purchasing of bottled water isn’t enough to put you off, then it’s worth considering the taste of the water itself. Bottled water has likely been transported over several days, between companies and even countries, before it arrives at your office. Conversely, outdoor bottle filling stations like the 4405BF provide you with the freshest water straight from the mains. With NSF/ANSI 61 certification and an in-line strainer which traps any particles larger than 0.14mm, your water will also be free from chlorine, lead, and any other contaminants or colourants.

If you’re considering the switch from bottled water to a bottle filling station like the Halsey Taylor Endura II 4405BF, view the full range right here at MIW.