Outdoor Drinking Fountains – A New Perspective

For those lucky enough to enjoy the refreshing water supplied by an electric chilled outdoor drinking fountain thoughts of the owner rarely come in to it. You expect a water supply and don’t question it when you find one. However, for those whose job it is to supply the external drinking fountain, there are a whole host of questions and issues that go into the selection process. Not only do they have to consider the usual issues of demand andmaintenance of water coolers, but they also have to think about vandals, weather damage and where to actually put it.

There are numerous locations that could benefit from an outdoor drinking fountain or bottle filler, from parks to golf clubs to tourist sites. One thing is for sure, if you put it there, someone will use it and few people even question the source anymore; they simply trust that the water is safe. The issue is that if you place a golf club outdoor drinking fountain on your land, for example, who is going to be in charge of maintenance and ensuring that it is not vandalized? Perhaps vandalism is not an issue in golf clubs, but for external drinking fountains for parks, where there is no control over who uses it, this is a serious issue. There is also the matter of weather damage that needs to be considered.

In some cases the owner will install security cameras to protect their property and any stainless steel drinking fountains that are at risk, but this is not an option that everyone can afford. Aside from the cost of the camera, you would also have to consider what action would be taken once you see the vandalism occurring. Nowadays there is, however, a much cheaper and simpler solution to these problems. Investing in a vandal proof outdoor drinking fountain will reduce the risk, allowing you to install it without having to worry about extra security just to watch the fountain. There are also weather resistant drinking fountains, protecting your investment from all manner of storms. We live in a world where you have to consider these things beforehand if you want to protect your money and property and these options, such as weather proof drinking fountains, make the whole process a great deal simpler.

It is not unheard of for potential buyers to get quite frustrated with the fact that they have to deal with prospective vandalism and weather damage before even buying a water dispenser, but by considering future possibilities before investing in a fountain you will save time and money. Even though an outdoor water fountain is a simple idea, they are always greatly appreciated by those who don’t have access to or can’t afford to buy mineral water. Even those who can afford it will rarely turn down a refreshing drink from a chilled fountain. It is a worthwhile investment.