Outdoor Drinking Fountains

A typical walk around a public park, school courtyard or town centre will usually reveal an outdoor drinking fountain of some description. These drinking fountains are usually sturdier and more robust than their indoor counterparts, and as such can be more expensive. Despite their cost though, they offer full value for money by offering a hygienic and refreshing drink to the public or a body of students or staff, at any time of day and whatever the weather.

Outdoor bottle fillers and drinking fountains are often found along popular routes for people jogging or walking their dogs, as comfortable checkpoints to stop for a quick drink. These outdoor fountains can be particularly useful during the warmer months, where they allow the public to maintain hydration even when caught out in the midday sun.

However, even in the depths of winter, a busy commuter rushing from meeting to meeting may want a cool, fresh drink of water in between his sugary caffeinated instant coffees.Freeze resistant outdoor drinking fountains offer the perfect solution, and ensure that he maintains optimum focus and mental functioning during his working day.

Although it is less essential for locations such as schools, outdoor drinking fountains for parks and other public places must be appropriately reinforced. The drinking fountain can seem like the perfect climbing frame or punching bag for bored teenagers or those staggering home from the pub after a few too many drinks, and so often products will be constructed from cast iron or stainless steel, ensuring maximum strength and structural integrity. Alongside a tough material, manufacturers will often take the issue of vandalism into consideration during the design phase of their product, to ensure that your outdoor fountain will remain intact and usable regardless of any maltreatment.

MIW offer are the UK’s leading supplier of vandal proof indoor and outdoor drinking fountains, their range includes vandal resistant bubbler taps and  an electric refrigerated outdoor vandal proof drinking fountain.

Not only are these vandal proof outdoor drinking fountainsresistant to anti-social behaviour or accidents, they’re also manufactured to remain both secure and aesthetically pleasing in the harsh weather which we are fortunate enough to experience here in the United Kingdom.  Outdoor fountains for parks like the Halsey Taylor 4521-68 feature a forest green enamel covering, which protects against blown debris or sharp hail stones, while also allowing the fountain to compliment its green, pastoral surroundings. Furthermore, many outdoor drinking fountains contain preventative features to ensure only fresh water is dispensed, with no added extras from Mother Nature. The Halsey Taylor 4617 weather resistant drinking fountain features an in line strainer, which traps particles of 140 microns or larger. This means that should any tiny amounts of leaf, soil or gravel be blown into or around the fountain, they will not contaminate the water stream, and as such your water will remain fresh and pure.

Outdoor drinking fountains are the perfect solution to convenient, reliable hydration. With next to no required maintenance and built-in structural defences against anti-social behaviour and the elements, they offer your employees or the general public an easy way to grab a drink, without the necessity of carrying a bottle or flask.