Positive effect of school drinking water dispensers revealed

Latest study shows school drinking water dispensers encourage children to drink more water

Getting kids to drink more water, and therefore less sugary drinks, is at the heart of the fight against childhood obesity.

One way of doing this may well be to stock more cups at water dispensers and drinking fountains in schools, a study suggests.

Researchers in America have found that children are more likely to drink water from dispensers with cups and signage than drinking fountains with neither.

The study, by UC San Francisco, compared water intake across 12 middle schools in low-income areas and recorded 20% more children drinking out of dispensers with cups than from fountains.

The report’s authors also concluded that it was difficult for the children to have more than a few sips at a fountain unless cups were provided. It also noted the fact that school water fountains are often used to prop up mops and brooms, and may have debris in them, prompting hygiene concerns among children.

School Water Dispenser From MIW

Here in the UK, we at MIW have certainly experienced rising demand for both school water fountains and water dispensers recently. School heads we speak to are fully aware of their responsibility to provide clean, hygienic and easily drinking accessible water.

While dispensers are an increasingly popular option, the fountains we supply to hundreds of schools nationally are designed with total hygiene in mind. As a result, we see no sign of children being reluctant to use them. Of course, the real issue is encouraging children to swap brightly coloured, sugar-loaded, extensively advertised fizzy drinks for water.

Hopefully the soon-to-be-launched sugar tax will help to curb sugary drink consumption. At the same time, however, schools must do whatever they can to make promote water as the healthier and more beneficial alternative – in such a way that appeals to children.

Our school drinking fountains and dispensers are available for delivery and can be rented for as little as £2.77 per week, with no contract to sign. We also supply bottles of 100% natural mineral water, as well as cups.

We have a wide range of models, including those which are specially designed for disabled access, as well as ones for use outdoors where there may be a risk of vandalism.

To find out more about our school drinking fountains and dispensers contact us on 01207 572 000 or visit our products page here.