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Price Adjustment 2023 FAQs

Why have the prices been adjusted?

Like all businesses, we regularly review our pricing to ensure that we remain competitive and provide our customers with good value for money. As a result of our most recent review, from April 2023 we will be applying a statutory price adjustment linked to RPI, this will be reflected in your next invoice.

What is the price adjustment?

An up to 15% adjustment has been applied.

Why have you increased my prices during a global crisis when businesses are struggling?

We are sympathetic to the challenges many of our customers have faced in recent years and we have in place support measures to help customers through these difficulties. We must ensure MIW deliver and maintain great service to our customers and by adjusting prices, we will be able to continue to do this.

I have already raised a purchase order for this invoice so cannot pay this price.

We will require you to uplift the PO to cover the value.

My contract is for a certain price, does this still apply?

We reserve the reasonable right to increase the price of goods or services as and when required. This clause is not designed to allow us to be unreasonable or irresponsible, but to ensure we can recover the cost of any increases that are beyond our control.

My contract is for a fixed price why have I had an increase?

Your agreement is not a legally binding fixed-cost contract. Your agreement terms do advise that we are able to increase prices without notice to the customer. However, this clause is not designed to allow us to be unreasonable or irresponsible, but to ensure we can recover the cost of any increases that are beyond our control. We always try not to adjust customers’ pricing where a fixed cost has been given, but due to the increases, we have received from our suppliers we have to pass on some of this cost to our customers.

I have been charged environmental levy = is this a new charge that has been introduced?

No.  We have a responsibility to recycle all products, such as large plastic water bottles, and packaging waste. We must ensure we recycle all parts used for installation, servicing, and repair of our equipment including filters, casings, cooler tanks, water trails, drip trays, taps and any plastic or metal spare part. We are also regulated by the Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE), which requires us to finance the collection, treatment, recovery and environmentally friendly disposal of electrical appliances and associated part.

We absorb the majority of these additional business costs, which have also further increased recently. We only pass on a small percentage to our customers, as per the terms and conditions of your agreement.

How often will I be charged environmental levy?

The environmental levy is charged alongside your rental or maintenance. This is a monthly charge of £2.99 per machine per month billed in line with your agreement.

From what date will the new prices come into effect?

You will see the increase on your next invoice.

Will the price of the bottle deposit change?

No, this remains at its current price and is fully refundable when the empty bottles are returned.

Was I sent a letter informing me of the price increase?

To ensure that as many of our customers are advised in advance, we have notified all customers according to their communications preferences and added a message to your next invoice.

Can you increase my pricing without notice?

Please refer to your terms and conditions, which state that “the company reserves the right to vary prices without notice to the customer”.