Bradford-on-Avon Town Council

Bradford-on-Avon Town Council and MIW

The picturesque town of Bradford-on-Avon in west Wiltshire has a population of around 9-10,000. But in the summer months that figure dramatically increases as tourists are drawn to the area. Looking for ways to both improve services for residents and visitors and reduce the amount of plastic waste produced in the town, Bradford-on-Avon Town Council contacted MIW Water Cooler Experts to aid in a plan to install a small network of water dispensers in the areas that experience the highest level of footfall.

The Brief

The Bradford-on-Avon Town Council Project Management Team approached MIW with a detailed set of instructions.

  • The water dispensers would all be sited in outdoor, public-facing areas. But because of the town’s high level of summer visitors, the units would need to be able to cope with both high demand in peak periods, but also times of relative winter inactivity without any detriment to performance.
  • It was essential that the refill points be easy to use and accessible to a wide range of users, including non-English speakers and those in wheelchairs.
  • The equipment must fully comply with all Government and water authority health and safety guidelines. And be durable enough to withstand many years use without risk of degradation.
  • The MIW team would need to work to an agreed installation timetable in order to minimise disruption to the public.
  • Post installation, MIW would be required to carry out a regular programme of equipment maintenance, servicing and sanitation.

The Process

The priority for this project was to find the right equipment. As all the water dispensers that MIW works with are WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved, ensuring compliance with stringent water authority guidelines was the easiest part of the process. Being outdoor rated and made from highly durable polyester powder coated stainless steel, with vandal-resistant mechanisms and security panels, the Halsey Taylor Endura II series provided the best range of options. And as the water dispensers were intended for times of potentially very high traffic, a model that offered both bottle filler and drinking fountain bubbler, capable of rapidly serving two users at once Halsey Taylor Endura Range was selected for each of the three intended sites.

Once the right model for the project had been identified, the MIW team worked closely with the Bradford-on-Avon Town Council Project Management Team to carry out site inspections and organise an installation timetable.

The Project Continues

Working to the agreed timetable, MIW was able to source, customise and install Halsey Taylor 4420BF1U Endura II Tubular Bottle Fillers in three locations around Bradford-on-Avon – Sladesbrook Play Area, Culver Close Recreation Ground and St Margaret’s car park. The installations took place on time and on budget.

Working on a turnkey rental agreement, MIW will continue to provide service, support and aftersales for Bradford-on-Avon Town Council, periodically upgrading the equipment as required.