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MIW’s Recessed Drinking Fountains Stand Out for the Right Reasons!

Whenever you’ve discussed the working world or business in general, the chances are you’ll have come across the mantra “time is money”. It may be a phrase that’s thrown around a lot, but when it comes to eliminating unnecessary or inefficiently performed tasks, you could be surprised at just how much money you’ll save. We’re constantly trying to find ways to improve our efficiency and ultimately leave more time for making sales or helping our customers, but this usually involves those practices directly linked to our business. This could be anything from storing all records on a central computer system, to designating tasks at the beginning of each week or gathering frequent customer feedback.

But have you ever considered the time you could save by purchasing an essentially maintenance-free outdoor bottle filler? Good hydration is essential to the good performance of any workplace, but it can be easy to overlook such fundamental issues when trying to improve productivity and time-efficiency.

If you’re keen to ensure clean, refreshing water is readily available to assist your employees with their everyday physical and mental functioning, but are reluctant to commit man-hours to the cleaning, changing, and repairing of the equipment, then an outdoor bottle filling station like the Halsey Taylor 4400BF may be just for you. Perhaps its most unique maintenance-reducing feature is a thick layer of textured paint, applied through the process of E-coat immersion. This process uses electricity to bind an equally thick layer of paint around both the inside and outside of the drinking bottle filling station, providing protection against rusting or discolouration from harsh weather.

You can also be sure your outdoor bottle filling station remains safe from vandals or accidental damage by vehicles, as the Halsey Taylor 4400BF or the Elkay EZH2O IN-WALL EZWSMDPK ADA  is constructed with a heavy gauge steel frame and access panel, and anti-vandal screws. Your bottle filler will maintain structural integrity against heavy blows or pressure, and the inner plumbing will remain inaccessible to any unauthorised individuals. On top of this, a simple push-button actuation unit cannot be snapped or knocked off, as is the case with some levers or taps. All of this means that you won’t waste time or money assessing and repairing damage, your outdoor bottle filling station will remain in perfect physical condition regardless.

Fortunately, bottle filling stations like the Halsey Taylor 4400BF and the Elkay EZH20 are not only maintenance-free for damage and repairs, but also for hygiene and sanitisation. The thick textured paint finish, applied by the E-coat immersion technology mentioned above, prevents impurities from rust and ensures no holes develop which could lead to contamination. Should any dirt already be present within the water supply itself, an easy to clean in-line strainer will filter out any particles larger than 0.14mm. You can be sure that the water flowing from your Halsey Taylor 4400BF is as fresh and clean as is possible, leaving you to rehydrate and continue with your work – saving both time and money.