Did you know that there’s a website dedicated to listing free-to-use drinking fountains and sports bottle refill stations? Neither did we, but now that we do, we thought that we’d share the info with you.

So far this year, MIW has had a lot of projects to work on, with more clients than we’ve ever had before. And we already thought that we were busy! It’s been a really exciting time. But, of all the projects that we’re working on, the move to provide free drinking water in public areas has to be the most exciting of all. drinking fountains and refill stationWe’re working with a number of organisations on this: the #OneLess bottle campaign, of course; Sadiq Khan and the London Mayor’s office; Aberdeen, Heathrow and Gatwick airports; and independent businesses, such as ZSL London Zoo. As well as providing an additional service, for the most part, this move has been inspired by the need to cut plastic waste in the UK.

In January this year, Prime Minister Theresa May vowed to completely eliminate plastic waste in the UK by 2042, but with approximately 15 million plastic bottles used here every day, she has a big task ahead of her. The thing is, that while we might all be doing our bit to reduce the number of single use bottles that litter our streets, fall into landfill and pollute our waterways, it’s all a bit pointless if the general public don’t know where to find the free drinking water that’s available.

Step in A website and an app, provides a comprehensive listing of free-to-access water points around the UK, whether drinking fountains and bottle filling stations, or shops prepared to take your bottle to a tap in the staff room. The site currently lists more than 1,600 participating locations across the UK, but they’re looking to extend the service. So, if you’re a business, organisation or park offering free water, get yourself registered. If you’re a member of the public who knows when you’re on to a good thing, then download the app and free up your pennies with a free water map, wherever you go.

2018 is going to be the year for cutting back on single-use drinks bottles – I can feel it in my water. Everyone here is so excited that MIW Water Cooler Experts is playing a part in that. Now we just need you to start playing your part too – so get drinking.