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Save Water and Money With A New Bubbler Tap

Despite the heavy rain and floods which have disrupted the United Kingdom over the past few weeks, the price of water continues to be a significant expense for owners of any premises where regular hydration is particularly essential. However, with the innovative new bubbler tap recently released by American drinking fountain giants Halsey Taylor Water Coolers, staff at gyms, leisure centres, offices and schools can now enjoy a fresh drink without the financial or environmental cost of a less efficient unit and bubbler tap.

Halsey Taylor’s new VR SmartFlow™ Bubbler Tap Kit is the latest product of the manufacturer’s GREEN products, designed specifically to provide the efficiency and quality which we have come to expect while reducing the environmental impact of the unit. Halsey Taylor’s new chromeplated bubbler kit has been proven to reduce water flow by up to 40% when compared to typical market performance, while still delivering customers, staff or students with a satisfying drink. Late in 2013 we heard news that water companies would be increasing prices by up to 5% by the end of 2014, an increase which can be particularly costly to smaller gyms, offices and leisure centres. The installation of a new VR SmartFlow™ Bubbler Kit can help to offset these expenses, while also helping to reduce the cost of necessary repairs and maintenance.

The VR SmartFlow™ Bubbler Tap Kit is designed as an anti-vandal product, meaning it is tough and durable enough to withstand the everyday wear and tear of high volume environments like schools and gyms, but also any intentional damage by local troublemakers. The one-piece unit cannot be snapped or twisted off, and its attractive chrome plated finish also resists marks from fingerprints or standing water.

While this does wonders for a drinking fountain’s longevity, these features are particularly useful in academic or work settings where hundreds of staff or students will require hydration throughout a typical day. The bubbler tap also features an integral hood design, which is designed to stop the spreading of germs through user cross-contamination, tampering or other airborne deposits.

Even if you are already the owner of a plumbed water cooler or outdoor drinking fountain from MIW Office Solutions, you can still improve the efficiency of your unit with a VR SmartFlow™ Bubbler Kit. The one-piece chromeplated bubbler tap can be purchased individually and installed on your current Halsey Taylor water cooler, so that you can begin reducing your water costs without any significant investment. The SmartFlow™ Bubbler Kit can be installed in next to no time, meaning minimal disruption to your staff, students or customers. With adequate hydration essential to proper cognitive functioning and physical exercise, this makes Halsey Taylor’s latest bubbler tap an ideal choice for water coolers in gyms, schools and offices.

The new vandal resistant SmartFlow™ Bubbler Kit is only available here at MIW Office Supplies. We are an official partner of Halsey Taylor here in the United Kingdom, and have serviced the educational and leisure industries with high quality hydration solutions for over 25 years.

If you’d like more information on the SmartFlow™ Bubbler Kit, or to discuss another unit or product, why not get in touch today?