Sky High: Free Water on Tap for Flyers?

UK air passengers could pay the price for their health by not drinking enough water mid flight.

A lack of fluid, poor humidity and high altitudes leave travellers susceptible to dehydration – a condition which can cause dizziness, headaches, muscle strain and more serious complications.

To remain hydrated, people need to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day; even more when flying. However, accessing fresh, free water, 35,000 feet in the air, can be both problematic and expensive.

The UK airline industry caters to more than 200 million passengers a year. However, operators are not obliged to provide free drinking water, Lord Adonis told the House of Lords. Source: click here

False economy: price of water jets up

While many airlines do provide free drinking water; some charge up to £3 for a small bottle. This could prove costly; especially for long haul flyers and families travelling on a budget.

The quality of water on board planes is also a widely debated issue.

The EPA advises passengers with suppressed immune systems or others concerned to drink canned or bottled beverages, and to refrain from drinking tea and coffee not made with bottled water. Source:

Cabin fever

Mike Winter of MIW Office Solutions says: “Air travel poses additional risks to passengers’ health and wellbeing. High altitudes and dry air increase dehydration; and if travellers aren’t drinking enough, this may lead to some problems during their flight. 

“We would encourage every airline to provide complementary fresh drinking water, as this would benefit all passengers – and in turn, the operators – enormously.”

Do you agree with passengers being charged for water?
Should customers have a right to demand free drinking water as part of the service?