Special relationship extended for another two years

The great and good from world leading water cooler maker Halsey Taylor crossed the Atlantic recently to mark our latest exclusive partnership. 

Halsey Taylor Circa 1912

Halsey Taylor, the world famous American company, was founded with a mission to stop diseases spreading by contaminated water.

That was in 1912 and, once it had had a hand in tackling problems like dysentery, it has since shaped the modern drinking water industry we see today.

Few firms, if any, have been so influential in bringing safe and sanitised water to the people and it continues to lead the way in finding better and faster routes to hydration.

While we at MIW haven’t been around for quite so long, having been founded in 1989, our relationship with Halsey Taylor goes back 14 years.

In that time, we’ve worked closely with our Stateside partner as its UK distributer in what has been an extremely busy period for us both.

To mark the signing of another two year-long contract between us, we were delighted to welcome three of its most influential people to our headquarters in County Durham recently.

Steve Rogers, President of Halsey Taylor, and Tom Lehmkuhl, Director of International Sales, joined us for a two-day visit from Chicago.

Halsey Taylor UK Master Agreement Signing

L to R – Franco Savoni – Elkay, Mike Winter Managing Director – MIW, Ian Burdett  – Sales & Development Manager – MIW, Tom Lehmkuhl Director International Sales – Elkay & Steve Rogers President of Elkay International.

As well as officially confirming our new contract – which will take us to 2018/19 – the pair congratulated us on our strong sales of their world-leading products. We also took time to discuss the many exciting developments happening in our industry on either side of the Pond.

As the Master Distributor of Halsey Taylor drinking fountains in the UK, we offer a wide range of models from a brand which has truly stood the test of time. Find out more about the Halsey Taylor range here or by calling us on 01207 572 000 today.