Sports Centre Invests In Anti-Vandal Drinking Fountain

Here at MIW we recently supplied an anti-vandal drinking fountain to the Benfield Sports Centre, a leading Newcastle-based sports centre and gym located within the grounds of the Benfield School. The popular sports and exercise facilities are used by students and the general public alike, and our high performance plumbed water coolers make it easy for visitors to stay hydrated throughout their sports games or workout.

We arranged this sale with Malcolm Munro, Manager at the Benfield Sports Centre and a governor on the school board. Malcolm has always been a keen sportsman, playing table tennis for Scotland in his teens and becoming a lifeguard at 17.

After being diagnosed with a heart valve defect, Malcolm was forced to give up squash and Triathlon, although he still plays golf when he can fit it in around his busy family life – which he shares with his wife and five year old twins. He has since worked his way up through several management positions in various sports and leisure institutions including Centre Parcs, and graduated with an MBA while working at the Benfield Sports Centre.

The Benfield Sports Centre is unique in that it provides facilities for use by school students during the school day, and both the local gymnastics club and members of the general public during the evenings, weekends and holidays. The Centre caters to people of all ages and abilities, offering a huge number of classes and activities to help you work up a sweat. There is a full gym complete with weights room and treadmills, a swimming pool, astro-turf football pitches and a variety of indoor sports like basketball and badminton. All of the above require regular hydration, which is why the Benfield Sports Centre staff were so keen to upgrade their old facilities.

The sports centre has purchased one of MIW’s best-selling drinking fountains for the improved financial and practical operation of the unit. As Mr Munro has revealed, “There was no drinking fountain as all previous ones had been unsuitable.  The introduction of this one has allowed us to provide a much needed service to our customers, which makes me, and them, happy!”. The Benfield Sports Centre attracts a huge 200,000 sportsmen and gym-goers every year, and such a high volume of people requires a unit which is durable but also performs well. The anti vandal drinking fountains sold here at MIW Office Solutions are just that.

Our anti vandal units use chrome-plated one piece bubbler taps which make for easy drinking and bottle filling while resisting the wear and tear of everyday use. These taps are generally considered to be indestructible, and cannot be twisted or snapped off either by accident or intentionally. Concealed bolts and reinforced security brackets also make MIW’s anti-vandal water coolers some of the safest available in the United Kingdom, even in a school setting like the Benfield Sports Centre.

As well as protecting against damage from troublemakers and general use, MIW’s anti-vandal drinking fountains also provide clean, fresh water at a steady rate. This allows visitors of the Benfield Sports Centre the opportunity to replace the fluids lost through sweat during intense exercise, but also makes sure no one’s exercise is interrupted by a lengthy queue at the water fountain.

If you’re interested in an anti-vandal water cooler for your sports institution or school, why not get in touch today?