Is Spring Water Really Better than Tap Water?

There are those who swear by the fresh and fulfilling taste of spring or mineral water and there are those who say that there is no difference and water is simply water;  as long as it isn’t poisoned it is all the same.  So, who should you believe and does it really make all that much of a difference anyway?  For those who spend a fortune on beautifully bottled mineral water it would certainly make a difference on their wallets, but does it go further than that?

Did you know that you can filter mains water through recessed water dispensers, plumbed water dispensers even outdoor drinking fountains & vandal proof drinking fountains leaving you with safe, pleasant tasting water?

The question of quality usually rests on the source of the mineral water, rather than the purity of the tap water, as we have all come to simply accept the claims of the big water companies. ‘Surely if they were lying they would have been sued by now,’ we think, but if no-one looks into it then we will never know the truth of the matter.

Many water companies have, in fact, been caught using a municipal supply and bottling it as if it were spring water, when in fact it is nothing more than glorified tap water.  There are, of course, many companies that do exactly as they claim, providing pure water that is safe to drink, but knowing the difference is nearly impossible as chilled water all tastes the same, regardless of the source.

In comparison, tap water never claims to be anything other than tap water and as long as you trust your local purification site you are usually safe to drink it. Different areas will offer different qualities, as anyone who lives in a hard water area will know, but we all pay for the privilege of having water that we can drink. Those who get their water from a local well or similar source will have different issues to deal with and there are even those who benefit from famous water, such as the springs of Glastonbury with additional qualities added as it runs through Glastonbury Tor.

In general, these days the purity of your water will depend on the amount of research you are willing to do into its source. By investing in a water cooler or drinking fountain you can rest assured that the water you are drinking is exactly what it says it is and therefore you only have to do the research once. Alternatively, if you are sure that your tap water is pure then why not invest in a plumbed drinking fountain. This will ensure that you always have a chilled and refreshing supply, without the need of constantly have a jug of iced water in the fridge.