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Staying Hydrated Can Improve Happiness and Health

If there’s one thing we all know about water, it’s that it’s good for you. We all have been told time and time again to drink more water.  But why, exactly, is it good for you? And how can staying hydrated improve happiness and health?


What’s So Great About Water?

Various studies have been conducted into the negative effects of dehydration over the years. Depending on the severity, it can cause a range of symptoms, from confusion and fainting to shock, and in extreme cases, death. Which, admittedly, is unlikely to be a problem in the contemporary workplace! But drinking water does more than simply prevent these unpleasant symptoms from developing. So, how can water help?


Staying hydrated can improve Happiness

Older couple outdoors who appear to be happy

Mood is a difficult thing to measure in scientific studies. But a study conducted by Pross et al, 2014  concluded that water does in fact have an impact on mood. Increasing water intake was shown to have beneficial effects on people who habitually drink little water. While reducing water intake for those who usually drink a lot, was shown to have ‘deleterious effects’ – in other words, the study group became really grumpy! Those who drank more water throughout the study also reported less fatigue, less confusion, and tended to be less sleepy. All things that can easily impact mood.

Why should this be? Well, the physical impact that drinking water has on the body must play its part. Because if you feel unwell, then you’re more likely to be unhappy. So, how can drinking water improve your health?


Staying hydrated can improve Health


  • Drinking water enhances physical performance. Dehydration increases blood viscosity, reducing the amount of blood returning to the heart, thus impacting muscles, nerves, organs and everything else. Drinking water can prevent and reverse this.
  • A good level of hydration improves brain function. A lack of water actually decreases the physical volume of your brain. It literally shrinks. Drinking water prevents that from happening, improving everything from basic comprehension and concentration to mathematical ability.
  • Drinking water can help to prevent headaches. Which isn’t all that surprising, with all that brain shrinking going on! And headaches massively sap productivity in a workplace, which is one really good reason to invest in a water cooler.
  • A good hydration level also helps prevent constipation. Dehydration is actually one of the most common causes of chronic constipation.


The law requires employers to provide drinking water at work, for no other reason than the fact that humans need water to function. Physically, mentally and emotionally. But providing good quality water drinking fountains, water coolers, or of particular benefit in the COVID-19 climate, hands-free, contactless water bottle refill stations is of benefit to your business too. It’s the very best way to keep your workforce hydrated, happy and healthy!


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