Staying Hydrated During Football Season

Football has been all over the news recently. We’re well into the Premier League season, there have been plenty of shock results, and there’s even the FIFA World Cup hosted in Brazil this year. With all of this excitement and all of these goals, is it any wonder that more and more of us are taking to our local parks or pitches to have a kick about?

As positive as these performances are for our health (although perhaps not our ego’s), they do leave us open to dehydration or exhaustion, especially when we do get a particularly hot day or if we aren’t keen players. It’s important to make sure you find shade to rest in if you’re playing around midday when the sun is at its highest, as you risk catching sun stroke or becoming exhausted if you continue running around in the heat for extended periods of time. Even with our natural defences against the heat, namely sweating, we can still do ourselves damage from prolonged exposure to heat from the sun.

Another problem which arises from overheating while playing football, especially with a club where the playing intensity is significant higher, is dehydration. As we sweat we lose precious water, which must be replenished before we lose too much or we face both physical and mental limitations, and the risk of falling ill. If you’re part of a football club, you may want to suggest the installation of a refrigerated outdoor drinking fountain at your clubhouse or training ground.

The 4420 BF Halsey Taylor Endura II TM, sold here at MIW, is one of the leading outdoor drinking fountains, and its ability to provide a double stream of water making it ideal for use while playing football. Several hygienic features, like Halsey Taylor’s trademark in-line strainer that traps particles of dirt any larger than 0.14mm, and corrosion-resistant stainless steel panels, mean the 4420 BF will stay clean and continue to deliver fresh, pure water.

Mound-building water flow and an automatic stream regulator, which ensures consistent flow at water pressures ranging from 20 to 105 psi, mean refrigerated outdoor drinking fountains like the 4420 BF can even be used to fill up the water bottles before training or at half time. You won’t risk spillages or overflowing, and with a highly sensitive push-bar actuation mechanism, drinking from a bottle or the tap itself has never been more hassle-free.

The 4420 BF is as maintenance-free as outdoor drinking fountains get, with stainless steel panels and an anti-vandal chrome plated one-piece bubbler tap. It’s resilient against damage from vandals, and will remain pleasing to the eye thanks to a satin finish which resists both fingerprints and any marks from spillages or bad weather. If your club needs a low-maintenance, low-cost way of ensuring you remain fully hydrated in games and training, then check out the range at MIW. You might even notice the results on the pitch!