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Swiss Ski Resort invests in Sports Bottle Filler

We’ve teamed up with The Ski Company – who offer high quality, affordable ski trips for schools – to ensure young holidaymakers remain in ‘peak condition’ on the slopes.

MIW has fitted a Halsey Taylor HTHB-8 Hydroboost sports bottle filler inside a mountain lodge to provide fresh, cool water to keep children hydrated, which is essential for skiers’ wellbeing and safety.

The Ski Company has been working with schools for more than 20 years, offering fully inclusive packages which include a daily packed lunch and one 500ml bottle of water per child.

However, thirsty youngsters need more than one drink and getting their fill on the slopes was costly, time consuming and an environmentally challenging process involving the delivery of lots of bottles.

The solution was clear to MIW.Recessed drinking fountain

Our Hydroboost bottle filler – which offers the rapid fill of filtered water for sports bottles – means children can now replenish their water supplies quickly and easily.  Youngsters simply refill collapsible water bottles (provided free by The Ski Company) using our machine at the ski lodge.

Gerri Shirt, founder of Ski Company, says:

“Dehydration can be a major problem for skiers, due to a number of factors, including high altitudes, cold weather and physical activity.  This can result in some worrying side effects, such as fatigue, headaches and muscle strain.

It’s essential to drink plenty of water.  However, the average cost of a 500ml bottle of water in a mountain restaurant is £6.

MIW met our needs by providing a practical and cost effective solution; which means children can top up on water free of charge, reduce plastic bottles from ending in a landfill site and enjoy their holiday experience.”

How do you keep hydrated on the slopes?  Are you a fish or a camel?

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