Are you tapping into the benefits of plumbed water coolers?

Keeping workforces well hydrated by providing them with an easily accessible source of cool, refreshing water is proven to boost productivity.

Numerous studies show a direct correlation between water intake and individual performance – whether that’s at work, in sport or even in school exams.

Water coolers and fountains are a must for any employer that values its staff.

But all too often, bottle-fed water coolers stand neglected in a quiet corner, awaiting a passing maintenance worker to change their empty container.

Plumbed in water coolers

If members of staff find their water source has run dry – perhaps because no-one has taken responsibility and refilled it – they may stop bothering to take regular drinks.

The result can be staff sluggishness, less productivity and even an increased amount of employee sick days. One solution worth considering is having a mains-fed water cooler plumbed into your office.

Not only do they make changing the bottle a thing of the past – they also bring an end to piles of empties building up in your offices and causing a nuisance.

They’re good for the environmental too, which shouldn’t be forgotten in this age in which employers face increased pressure to minimise their carbon footprint.

By reducing the amount of plastic bottles delivered to your premises and being sent back for recycling, you’re doing your bit to save the planet. You’re also likely to reduce your overheads, with no water deliveries to pay for. Mains-fed water coolers also reduce the risk of running out of drinking water at times of peak demand in the summer months.

Plumbed water coolers take water from the mains supply and offer it to users refreshingly cooled – or at room temperature if desired. They often come with additional filter options to provide greater purity. Put simply, plumbed-in water coolers give your organisation superior quality drinking water on demand.

At MIW, the water cooler experts, we will install your water cooler for you. You can buy our products outright, or choose to rent them for as a little as a few pounds per week, with no lengthy minimal contract terms. Installation is also free if you rent a water cooler from us.

There are discounts available for multiple orders and we also offer next day delivery as standard.  For more information on our plumbed water coolers click here or call 01207 572 000.