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The English National Ballet is En Point(e) with New Public Refill Station

Beautiful. Graceful. Dramatic. Delivering an outstanding performance every time.

English National Ballet (ENB) has a new star in the making: the Elkay EZH2O Bottle Filling Station.

Slimline and statuesque, Elkay’s in-wall, filtered bottle filler was the obvious choice when the ENB asked MIW Water Cooler Experts to help them join the refill revolution. Looking for a unit that would be suitable for performers, staff and public to use, they sought a refill station that could seamlessly integrate with its surrounds. It needed to be aesthetically pleasing, but not take up too much space. Robust, but elegantly so. Easy to use, and capable of catering for more than 79,000 users per year. That’s a lot to ask of one little bottle filler. But the Elkay EZH20 is completely up to the job.

The Elkay EZH2O Bottle Filling Station

Elkay EZWSSMJO - EZH2O Bottle Filling Station Surface Mount

Crafted from stainless steel, the EZH20 is as sturdy as they come. With hands-free activation, it has been designed for high use and low maintenance – with no grubby fingers (no matter how elegant!) touching the elements, hygiene standards are better maintained and there is a lower chance of accidental breakage. It has a 20 second shut-off timer, to keep queues moving along and ensure that there is no risk of messy overflow should users become distracted and forget about their bottles… Or mischief-makers be on the loose. It can be fully recessed into the wall, to ensure that it’s not responsible for any bumps or scrapes in high traffic areas. And it can deliver the best quality water for the longest time, having a 3,000 gallon filtration system and the capability to chill 30 litres of water per hour – enough to sate even the thirstiest of crowds.

But standards being paramount for an organisation such as the ENB, the bottle filler chosen for installation had to offer something more. It had to be accessible to everyone and provide unparalleled safety. ADA (American’s with Disabilities) approval assured the first, guaranteeing that the unit is accessible to the less able and as wide a range of users as possible. While WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) certification guarantees that every single element of the EZH20 has been tested and approved as safe for public use, according to Government guidelines. Although WRAS approval is not [yet] essential for bottle fillers sold in the UK, it’s the best ways to ensure that your equipment is safe for use. That’s why MIW takes pride in being the UK’s leading WRAS-approved water dispenser supplier.

English National Ballet and Bottle Fillers

While you’re more likely to associate an evening at the ballet with drinking champagne than water, the organisation attracts visitors of all ages and demographics. With visits from school parties as common as sophisticated socialites, drinking water required by staff, and dancers getting through it by the gallon, the ENB was as worried about waste plastic bottles as every other responsible business. That’s why the mangers called MIW.

With the Elkay EZH20 now in place in the ENB’s in the changing areas, inroads should soon be made into that waste plastic problem. And with a bottle counter built into the refill station, the ballet’s managers will soon be able to see just how much impact their investment has made.