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The UK’s Only Outdoor Refrigerated Vandal Proof Drinking Fountain

Whether you’re jogging to the office across the city, taking the dog for a run or refereeing a football game between the kids, you’ll be exercising.  Any activity which causes an elevated heart rate and the breaking of a sweat is classed as exercise by the NHS, so you’d be surprised what counts.  It’s common knowledge that exercise will help your mood, mental alertness and physical health, but this is only true if you stay hydrated.

With the recent heat wave which the United Kingdom has recently experienced, keeping hydrated while outdoors has become even more essential. Your body will trigger responses to the heat, which will cause more sweating and therefore water loss. If you want to avoid headaches, impaired judgment and the risk of fainting, then it’d be wise to stay fully hydrated through the day’s heat.

This sounds easy enough, but when faced with a choice between a rusty old drinking fountain, a now warm bottle of water or an expensive supermarket, more often than not we’ll choose to go thirsty instead of quenching this most fundamental of needs.

Fortunately, there exists on the market refrigerated and freeze resistant outdoor drinking fountains, which will offer you a cool drink whether the temperature is at 3 degrees or 30 degrees! Fountains like the Halsey Taylor HOF14A-FR-Q feature a hermetically sealed refrigerator system, which uses a thermostat to maintain a water tank temperature of between 7 and 12 degrees Celsius. This makes it an ideal product for parks or golf clubs where outdoor drinking is required but not always easy.

When you’ve been running around in the sun for an hour, you’ll want a quick and easy drink before heading back into the game or run. You don’t want to have to get so close that you share more than a drink with fellow park users, but equally too much flowing water can be a hassle. Fortunately, the HOF14A-FR-Q is one of several drinking fountains for parks and golf clubs which provide a constant low stream of water, regardless of water pressure, so you don’t get too close and don’t end up spilling water on yourself. On top of this, it comes with a hood guard design, to prevent the spreading of germs between users. All you get is a refreshing, easy drink to keep you moving.

The HOF14A-FR-Q is arguably the cleanest and safest stainless steel refrigerated outdoor drinking fountain, as it also features an inline strainer to catch dust or dirt over 140 microns in size. You can be sure that no park debris will make its way into your drink. The HOF14A-FR-Q is also made largely from stainless steel, which will resist the corrosion of the elements and avoid developing rust or holes which could contaminate the water stream. It is therefore no surprise that the fountain greatly surpasses the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

As well as maintaining a hygienic water supply, these stainless steel panels also make the HOF14A-FR-Q one of the most efficient vandal proof outdoor drinking fountains on the market today. Strong stainless steel and a chrome plated one-piece bubbler tap mean the fountain will remain functional against unruly teenagers and flying balls from the next David Beckham, as well as hail or strong winds.

The HOF14A-FR-Q’s wide range of features make it the perfect outdoor drinking fountain, remaining functional at the highest quality against the contamination, vandalism and weathering which can often render a fountain useless. Why not check out the product information page, where you can currently purchase the HOF14A-FR-Q for less than half price?