Top five ways to keep your office cool

The AIR 3000 evaporative air cooler is great value at the moment.  This is the best selling cooler in schools and is also excellent for large offices which need heavy duty cooling.  The unique honeycomb design of the German made filters provides optimum cooling performance.  The simple robust design and low running costs make this an ideal solution, especially at the low price of just £379*.

The ultra-compact Millennia mobile air conditioning unit is the ideal way to get the temperature down fast anywhere in the building.  This machine is not only environmentally friendly and cheap to run, it’s a stylish and ultra-quiet addition to any office.  The Millennia’s simple controls make it easy to direct cooling exactly where you want it.  The Millennia is a steal at the special sale price of £239*.

If you prefer a breezy fan to keep you cool in the office, it’s hard to beat the flexibility of a 16″ wall mounted fan with remote control and automatic oscillation.  This quiet and effective unit keeps the air moving where you want it on a pre-set which can give you between thirty minutes and 7.5 hours of efficient cooling without touching the controls.  This ultra-quiet wall fan costs just £33.49* when purchased in an order of ten or more units.

If you like the flexibility of a fan that you can unplug and move around, then it’s hard to beat a 16″ desk fan.  This fan oscillates to give you optimal circulation anywhere in the room and its fully protected blades proved extra safety.  This fan is extra quiet when running and is a good low-cost option for cooling in a small office.  If you’re buying ten or more of these for the office, you can get them at the special sale price of £25.99*.

The 29″ tower fan is one of the best options for a small space.  This low-footprint fan sits in a corner of any desk or workspace and provides you with a steady, cooling stream of air precisely where you want it.  If you want effective workspace cooling without the hassle and expense of full-scale office air conditioning, one or more of these fans could be the perfect solution for you.  When you buy ten or more of these you’ll get them for the incredibly low price of just £28.99* each.