Top of the Class – The Most Popular Bottle Filler for Schools

We work with a lot of schools at MIW Water Cooler Expert. Over the years, we’ve installed thousands of drinking water solutions. And if there’s one thing that we’ve learnt, it’s that schools, colleges and universities have very specific needs. And while there’s still room for the traditional stop and slurp drinking fountains, they don’t cater for every demographic. Teenage girls, for example, aren’t overly keen on having to wipe their chins are every drink! And yet, while bottle fillers are growing in popularity, not everyone carries a bottle on them, or wants to add to the weight of the textbooks and tech dragging at their shoulders with a sloshing drinks bottle in their bag.

This is why the Halsey Taylor HTHB-HAC8SS-WF indoor bottle filing station and drinking fountain has become top of the class with the overwhelming majority of our educational clients.

ht water

So, what makes this great big mouthful of a product name such a draw for schools? In short, it does pretty much everything – and it does it well. With both drinking fountain and bottle filler facility, it caters for both the planners and the dashers. Students and staff can either top up and run, or take their water with them. It’s chilled, so the water tastes its best in all weathers, while an in-line strainer helps to remove any impurities.

Created for high-volume usage, the unit delivers up to 1.5 gallons per minute, so it’s more than capable of coping with that corridor crush between lessons, or a post-games scrum. An antimicrobial coating also provides protection against the spread of viruses and other bacteria, should users get a little closer to the drinking fountain than intended.

Kids being kids, another positive is that the unit benefits from hands-free sensor operation for the bottle filler, and push-button operation for the fountain, so there’s no danger of the water being left running. While an enterprising would-be vandal could cause an overflow by blocking the drain, they’d have to be pretty determined, have a high-boredom threshold and be prepared to get wet in the process., holding the fountain release button!

The unit is wall-mounted, so it doesn’t take up any valuable floor space, or pose a trip hazard, and the stainless-steel body is as easy to clean and low-maintenance as you could wish for. If you rent your unit from MIW we provide regular servicing as part of your contract anyway, so you don’t really need to worry about that.


Finally, but by no means least importantly, all Halsey Taylor units stocked by MIW are WRAS certified. This means that all elements have been tested and approved as compliant with UK Government water regulations and safety standards. This brings so much peace of mind; you’re doing all you can to keep your students safe, while reassured that you’re not going to find yourself fined after a site inspection.

Providing water drinking facilities is such a good thing for your school. Well-hydrated minds are more likely to concentrate and less likely to be disruptive. Pupils are less inclined to drink sugary drinks, which is good for their overall wellbeing. And fewer single-use plastic bottles will be used and disposed of, which is good for everyone.

If you have any questions about choosing the right bottle filler for your school (outdoor models are  available too), please just give us a call: 01207 572 000.