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Top water coolers for home or office

If you’re looking for a state of the art, vandal-proof drinking fountain for the school yard, it’s hard to go past MIW’s 8FS-2. This is a wall-mounted drinking fountain designed especially for schools, with a specially reinforced chassis. The tamper-proof taps are virtually unbreakable. This machine delivers 75 litres of chilled water per hour through its two bottle filler taps and is fully compliant with the Disabled Discrimination Act. The 8FS-2 deserves its status as one of the most popular water coolers for schools. On a 60-month contract, rental for this machine is just £7.45. The MIW 8FS-1 is the little brother of the 8FS-2 and the most popular machine in the company’s range. It comes with one bottle filler and one bubbler tap and its 75 litres per hour of chilled water will cope with largest crowds. This machine features the 8FS reinforced chassis and tamper-proof taps which make it ideal for outdoor school locations. Weekly rental of £6.95 (on a five-year contract) includes next-day delivery, all servicing and repairs, free upgrades and a replacement machine every four years.

MIW’s HVR8 ADA is a vandal proof drinking fountain which is one of the best water coolers for schools. This heavy duty fountain is housed in a 14 gauge stainless steel cabinet which is tough enough to survive heavy duty in tough locations. The push-button bubbler tap is vandal resistant and self-closing and supplies a constant stream height under varying line pressures. This floor-standing water cooler complies fully with the Disabled Discrimination Act and is available on a five year contract for £6.95 including all servicing and repairs and a replacement machine after four years.

MIW’s Sport 818 water cooler is a top-line floor standing water cooler at a bargain price of just £6.95 per week. This is a premium machine for indoor areas in schools and its large dispensing niche has space for filling any size of sports bottles. The Sport 818 water cooler also has a ten litre waste tank with a warning alarm which sounds when it is almost fill. No more wet floors! The weekly rental on this water cooler includes all servicing and repairs, a replacement machine every four years, next day delivery and free plumbing when installed within two metres of a water outlet.

The Aquarius floor standing water cooler is excellent value at £3.95 per week on a five-year contract. This budget water cooler is perfect for indoor situations in schools, gyms and offices. If you’re looking for water coolers for the office, this is one you should consider. MIW’s low rental price includes all servicing and repairs, a replacement machine every three years, next day delivery and free plumbing within two metres of a water outlet.