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Water Cooler Break Through for Scottish Island Schools

In mainland United Kingdom, water coolers are commonplace across a majority of schools and colleges. Units can be installed and maintained without much time or expense, but the same cannot be said for schools which are further afield. For example, what about Islay High School on the Scottish island of Argyle? The island is located just 42 miles from the tip of Ireland and only accessible by sea and air, making it difficult for engineers or maintenance staff to carry out checks and repairs.

Having served Islay High School for the last ten years, MIW has now found a new solution to this problem. Whereas it would be cost prohibitive to have an engineer travel to Argyle by ferry to sanitise any water coolers  in the school, we have instead supplied the school with a new style of water cooler that will self sanitise overnight.

The Oasis Aquarius water cooler is fitted with aSIP box that is programmed to sanitise on a daily basis for ten minutes, using ozone instead of chemicals to ensure that the water cooler is completely free of bacteria or germs. This will make for fresher, safer, cleaner drinks for the students of Islay High School, but it will also save the school money which would otherwise be spent on servicing or cleaning.

MIW Office Solutions supplies over 4,000 schools, colleges and universities with a variety of water dispensers, drinking fountains and bottle fillers. Our indoor and outdoor units are all specially designed to meet the needs of the educational sector, with anti-vandal features to prevent damage and fast water flow to reduce waiting times in high traffic environments.

If you’re interested in a bottle filler or water cooler for your educational institution, why not get in touch today?