Water Coolers and Weight Loss

There are a few lucky people out there who find weight loss easy, but for the majority of the population it’s quite the challenge. If it wasn’t difficult then there wouldn’t be so many people unhappy with their bodies. It is often said that drinking plenty of water aids weight loss, but is there really any truth behind this statement? Staying hydrated is not a miracle cure for obesity, but it can help to shift a few extra pounds and, more importantly, maintain the positive attitude essential to continued weight loss.

When many people first start a new diet they often experience a honeymoon period of initial weight loss. This is the first week or two of the diet, when the pounds fall away. This is usually due to water retention. When people eat a more healthy diet and drink more water the body becomes hydrated and no longer needs to retain water because there is no longer a drought. However, if you continue with the diet you will find that the weight loss slows down, as the body stays hydrated. This is not a negative sign, although it quite often is seen as failure and is one of the reasons people fall off the diet wagon.

Despite the allure of banishing water retention, there are many other reasons to stay hydrated and investing in aplumbed water cooler at home can certainly help. Dehydration can cause headaches and lethargy, so drinking plenty of water will help to keep your energy levels up, which in turn increases your determination to go to the gym, and give you a more positive outlook on life. Many people find that negative feelings have a direct impact on their appetite, resulting in binge eating when times are stressful. By staying hydrated and exercising regularly we remain positive and have a much better view of the world. In addition to this, often thirst is mistaken for hunger, eating when all they really need to do is drink a quick glass of chilled water.

By drinking a glass of water before each meal it helps to fill the stomach, preventing us from over eating or mistaking thirst for hunger. It has also been suggested that a cold glass of water can help to stimulate the metabolism, which increases weight loss dramatically. Perhaps this is another reason for the increased popularity in chilled drinking fountains in offices and other workplaces. A very helpful dieting trick for those who work in offices is to get up from your desk each hour and walk the long way round to the water dispenser. The increased activity will quickly add up throughout the day, ensuring you are burning extra calories and by staying hydrated you will reduce your urge to snack or eat when you are not hungry. Staying hydrated is just a small part of the battle against weight, but when it can help so many different aspects of our life; there are few reasons not to.