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Water’s Occurring in Barry Hospital Thanks to a New Filtered Water Bottle Refill Station

As a nation, we’ve got a lot to be thankful for when it comes to the NHS. For most of us, that’s never been in doubt. But recent events have really shone a light on the value of our hospitals and the incredible people who work in them. They look after us in so many ways. And that includes the people who manage the facilities, keep the wards and waiting rooms clean and safe, and provide the equipment patients and their families, and the people who look after them, need. That’s why, at MIW, we’re always proud to work with hospitals. And we’ve recently had the pleasure of adding another to our list of clients.


Hospital water bottle filler blog from MIW


Earlier this year we received a call from the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (CVUHB). The Board managers were looking into the logistics of installing a filtered water bottle refill station in Barry Community Hospital in the Vale of Glamorgan. And we were only too happy to help.




Barry Community Hospital

Barry Community Hospital has been caring for the people of Glamorgan for more than 120 years. It serves a population of more than 51,000, and the Board managers are always looking for new ways to improve the services available to patients. Seeking to enhance hydration facilities on-site and to reduce the amount of plastic litter produced by the hospital, the board took the decision to install a free-to-use filtered water bottle refill station. They needed MIW to provide guidance on equipment and siting, and to take care of the installation.


The Barry Community Hospital Filtered Water Bottle Refill Station

As you can imagine, hospitals have a very specific set of requirements for any equipment installed on-site. In this instance, the emphasis was on hygiene, ease of use, accessibility and value. Keeping all of this in mind, we recommended the Eco-Dispenser Max UV Superchill.


Eco-Dispenser Max UV Superchill

The Eco-Dispenser range has a lot to recommend it, especially for a hospital environment. For starters, it offers hands-free operation. This means that it’s easier to clean, which will always be a priority in high-traffic locations. But it also helps to prevent the units from potentially becoming a source of contagion, with minimal user contact. Of course, as we are all now too well aware, viruses can easily spread through shared facilities, so contactless operation in water dispenser’s – and other equipment – can help stop the spread of COVID-19 and the like. And as an added bonus, it makes the bottle fillers both easier to use and more easily accessible to wheelchair users and those with disabilities. The whole of the Eco-Dispenser range is also hard-wearing, rust-proof, and vandal-proof.


MIW Eco-Dispenser Max UV Superchill water bottle filler

But the Eco-Dispenser Max UV Superchill has another benefit up its sleeve. It employs cutting edge UV filtration to ensure that 99.99% of all waterborne viruses and bacteria are eliminated from the water stream. This adds a further level of hygiene to the bottle filler without tainting the taste or odour of the water. And as this unit comes with an in-built chiller, water is always served at the optimum temperature for enjoyment.

MIW installed the new bottle filler at Barry Community Hospital in June. It was an absolute pleasure for us to work on this project. Because, while we’re proud of all our work, it’s in places like hospitals that we can feel like we’re really helping to make a difference.



You can find the new Barry Community Hospital refill station in the Foyer entrance.

If you’d like more information about the Eco-Dispenser Max UV Superchill, or any other water dispensers supplied by MIW, contact our customer service team today.