Whitchurch Primary School Get Outdoor Drinking Fountain

MIW Office Solutions recently took an order from Whitchurch Primary School for the Halsey Taylor 2501A outdoor drinking fountain. We worked with Fiona Broadbent from the school to arrange the delivery and installation of the unit, one of Halsey Taylor’s most popular products here in the United Kingdom.

Located in the small town of Whitchurch-on-Thames near Reading, Whitchurch Primary has four medium-sized classes. The pupils study all aspects of the national curriculum, with outdoor sports and activities to supplement their classroom learning. School staff selected the Halsey Taylor 2501A for its quality, in terms of both performance and durability, which is superior to many other outdoor drinking fountains on the market today.

With the welfare of the children at the heart of any decision or purchase made by an educational institution, Whitchurch Primary School was particularly attracted to the AB1953 certification which the 2501A holds. This guarantees that the water is essentially free from lead (less than 0.25% content) and other contaminants, dispensing only fresh and clean water and keeping pupils hydrated throughout the day.

Whitchurch Primary School staff were also keen on purchasing the 2501A for its small footprint and easy usability.  Space was limited in the school, but the 2501A’s 6” x 10” basin and simple pushbutton mechanism mean pupils can enjoy a refreshing drink despite the space constraints.

If you are interested in purchasing the Halsey Taylor 2501A outdoor drinking fountain for your school, college or university, why not get in touch today?