White Rose Laundries Find Hydration Heaven in MIW

If there’s one thing we all find solace in it is inspiring tales of success and Mr Ejaz Osmani, MD of White Rose Laundries has one such story. His journey began when his father became seriously ill and together with Ejaz and his mother they travelled to the UK from Bangladesh in search of the essential treatment and medication that his father needed.  After settling in London Ejaz used his experiences to power his ambitions and search for success.  Now he is the proud MD of a successful dry cleaning and laundry business in the heart of London with 3 other retail outlets in the London area.

Head Office: Units 5 & 6 School Road, London NW10 6TD

Retail Outlet 1: 16 Hinde St, London W1U 2BB

Retail Outlet 2: 148 Shepherd’s Bush Rd, London, W6 7PB

Retail Outlet 3: 48 Chiltern St, London W1U 7QS

As with any successful company, White Rose Laundries offers a unique selling point to entice his customers in and ultimately make their lives a whole lot easier. They collect & deliver garments straight from the work place. So, for example, a large law firm will provide a storage area for their staff to deposit their dirty clothes, such as a cupboard or small cloakroom. White Rose will then collect the clothes, dry clean them and return them. This is a seamless process, allowing the staff to drop their washing off without delay and pick it up on their way out of the building.  “This is a very popular service,” Ejaz tells us, “Clients don’t have to rush during a lunch break or before starting work to drop off the garment/s. It helps free up their time”. And there are few people who would turn down such a useful service.

For information about Ejaz’s services visit https://whiteroselaundries.co.uk/

Recently Ejaz has found that the temperatures within the laundries have been reaching 35 degrees on summer days and his 30+ staff runs the risk of becoming dehydrated. Keen to find a water dispensing machine that could cope with the demand of all his staff members, Ejaz sought the help of MIW Office Solutions and decided on the Cosmetal Niagara 65 bottle filler. “I needed a machine that my staff could quickly fill their water bottles from and return to their work area. This machine delivers 65 litres of chilled water per hour which is ideal for our needs. MIW have been great in every way and I would have no hesitation in recommending them whatsoever.” Ejaz Osmani, MD Whiterose Laundries.

To see are full range of drinking fountains, water dispensersand bottle fillers view on our wesbite under: MIW Water Cooler Range