Why Is The Bubbler Tap So Important?

The Popularity of Drinking Fountain Bubbler Taps

Drinking fountains aren’t exactly the type of subject that is going to inspire a novel, but the need for water is. It is only when something is taken away that we realise just how importance it was to our lives, and it is safe to say that the loss of outdoor drinking fountains and indoor water dispensers would have a significant impact on our lives. We expect to see them in schools, offices and even hotel lobbies and luckily, nowadays we are rarely disappointed.

In fact, water dispensers are now so popular that buyers are getting specific about what type of water, sanitation and even taps they want and it makes us wonder, just why is the bubbler tap so popular?

Different locations will prefer different taps because of the type of customer they have. School drinking fountains and gym fountains will have a constant need for small quick bursts of water and this is exactly what the bubbler tap is designed for.  While offices and professional areas are unlikely to want their staff to be dipping down to catch a quick mouthful of water. It hardly gives off the best professional image.

So if you are looking for a replacement drinking fountain bubbler tap for your fountain then consider who will be drinking from it and what their needs might be.

The reason why schools and gyms in particular suit the bubbler tap is because the people drinking from them will usually be participating in physical exertion or have a limited amount of time in which to grab a quick drink.

The bubbler tap allows the user to quickly dip down, filling their mouth with refreshment and then get on with their day. Even those who are not being active might be in need of a quick drink, such as in between classes or after lunch.

If you think that a bubbler tap is the ideal solution for your establishment then you can either buy a tap and attach it to your current fountain, or buy a water dispenser with this particular tap already fitted. Keep in mind that the tap size will need to fit the dispenser, so if you choose a ½” bubbler tap, for example, check the measurements of your drinking fountain before purchasing.

If you believe that many people will want to fill their water bottles from the tap then you might want to rethink this option or consider one with both types of attachment for ease of use for your clients.

From the buyer’s point of view water is water, but if you just want to take a sip and only have the bottle filler option or you want to fill your bottle and only have the bubbler tap it can be quite frustrating. Take these considerations into account before buying and you’ll have some very happy customers.

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