The World’s Cleanest Outdoor Drinking Fountain

When you own an outdoor bottle filling station like the Halsey Taylor 4410BF or Elkay’s LK4410BF or one of their competitors, the issue of hygiene is always going to be imperative. Just like indoor water coolers, these bottle fillers pose a risk of cross-contamination of germs or illnesses, either airborne or waterborne. However, unlike indoor models, outdoor drinking fountains / bottle fillers also have to overcome natural damage from the elements, while remaining hygienic and ideally pleasing to look at.

One of the biggest risks of contamination for outdoor bottle filling stations is rust. You can protect your bottle filler against contamination from rust by ensuring it is painted using E-coat immersion technology. This process involves electrically charging the steel frame and immersing it in paint, so that a layer of equal thickness coats both the inside and outside of the bottle filler. This prevents any weak spots flaking off or gradually forming holes, where rust could accumulate and contaminate your water supply. For even more protection, the paint is finally heated up to strengthen the chemical bonds and provide greater protection for your outdoor bottle filling station. A final coat of textured paint is applied to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish, even after months of the United Kingdom’s harshest rain, hail or snow.

Even if dust or dirt does find its way into your waterways, you can ensure it doesn’t reach your bottle by installing an outdoor bottle filler like Halsey Taylor’s 4410BF which features an in-line strainer. This easy to clean filter will trap any particles of dirt or bacteria before they reach your water bottle, as long as they are sized 0.14mm or larger. The strainer is placed on the 3/8” water inlet, ensuring no residual build-up of dirt or germs inside your waterways.

These extra hygiene precautions make outdoor bottle filling stations like the 4410BF some of the cleanest and safest products on the market. A testament to their cleanliness is their acknowledgment in America as being in accordance with NSF/ANSI 61 regulations. These strict requirements ensure, amongst other things, that there are low levels of chlorine and a lead content of less than 0.25% in the water. Not only does this make the water safer and more hydrating, it also ensures that no unpleasant odours or discolourations are left in the water.

If you’ve chosen to install an outdoor bottle filling station in an open space which vandals could potentially obtain access to, it is lastly worth considering any anti-vandal features which you can ensure are present to protect your bottle filler. Models like the HT 4410BF & the Elkay LK4410BF feature a strong steel frame, and heavy duty galvanised steel access panels, complete with anti-vandal screws. While this enables you easy access to the inner plumbing, bored youths or scrap metal thieves will be faced with an impossible task.

If you’re considering replacing your outdoor bottle filler, or are considering buying or renting a new one, then visit the store and start enjoying the freshest, cleanest drinking water.