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WRAS Approved Water Cooler Supplier Checklist Exercise

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably already aware of how important WRAS and finding a WRAS approved supplier is when purchasing a water cooler. But how do you actually know if a supplier or a product is WRAS certified?

This short blog/ checklist is here to help.


The WRAS Approved Supplier Checklist

What is WRAS certification?

The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) was created to help water authorities to simply establish whether equipment connected to the water supply by third parties is of a suitable quality and standard.

Because while it is illegal to connect substandard equipment to the water supply, it is not illegal to sell substandard equipment in the UK. WRAS is there to protect the public, advise buyers and support water authorities.

As a not-for-profit organisation, WRAS is one of the most trusted names in global water supply. Its remit is product approval, material approval and supplier/installer approval.


How to find out if your suppliers and products are WRAS certified and approved

As checklists go, this one is pretty short. It doesn’t take much to protect yourself. And it really is worth the little time it takes. So:


WRAS Approved Supplier logo - MIW


1 – Look for the WRAS logo.

All equipment certified by WRAS will receive its stamp of approval. Because of its prestige, manufacturers will make the WRAS logo clear throughout product packaging and instruction manuals. Suppliers and installers may not have packaging, but they will have a website and paperwork. So, keep your eyes peeled.


2 – WRAS approval certificate.

Every product approved by WRAS will have an approval certificate. Ask to see this before committing to a sale. And when you do look, check the details. It’s possible for a small part of a bottle filler to be WRAS approved while 99% of the unit has gone untested.


3 – Check the WRAS approval number.

Don’t just take the WRAS approved logo for granted. Claims of Wras approved products are easy to make and sadly this is common practice for the uninitiated. WRAS approval numbers aren’t. In less than a minute, you can visit the WRAS website and check the certificate number. It’s a two-step process and has the potential to remove a lot of future angst.


Why we’re proud to be a WRAS approved water cooler supplier

At MIW Water Cooler Experts, we’ve made a point of only working with WRAS approved equipment including industry leaders Elkay & Halsey Taylor. Largely because we don’t believe in delivering a shonky service. For us, service and loyalty are all about trust, so we do what we can to ensure that the products we supply deliver everything that they promise. Safely. It’s for this reason that many of our customers have been with us for decades. And that is exactly how we like it!

wras approved contactless refill station


If you’d like to know more about renting or purchasing WRAS approved drinking equipment, the MIW customer service team is waiting to help. Contact us today.