• Filtered
  • ADA Approved
  • Non-Refrigerated
  • GreenSpec Listed
  • Sensor Operated
  • BREEAM Approved
  • NSF 61/372 lead free
  • WRAS Approved

Elkay - EZH2O Filtered Bottle Filling Station Surface Mount (LZWSSMJO)

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Providing quality at a competitive price point, the Elkay EZH2O Filtered Bottle Filling Station Surface Mount is a cost-effective means of supplying fresh, filtered drinking water in high footfall public areas, while helping to reduce the amount of harmful plastic waste littering the environment by negating the need for shop-bought water. The slim design and small footprint of this unit perfectly unites performance, convenience and value. 

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Designed for indoor public areas servicing a large number of people, such as schools, hospitals, shopping centres and stations, the WRAS-approved Elkay EZH2O Bottle Filling Station has a depth of just 20cm and weighs a mere 10kg, making it suitable for installation on practically any wall. Simple-to-install waste and water connection fittings are supplied. 

For optimum hygiene and performance, this Elkay unit has a hands-free interface. Users simply need to position their bottle or cup and the censor will release water for 20 seconds, before automatically cutting off to avoid waste or overspilling. Laminar flow prevents splashback and ensures that water is quickly and cleanly delivered. For additional convenience, a real drainage system is integrated within the bottle filling station, meaning that any spilt water is immediately drained away, preventing mess and stagnation.

As a further hygiene precaution, the Elkay EZH2O Bottle Filling Station employs a silver ion antimicrobial coating on all areas of the unit accessible by the public, preventing the build-up of mould, and helping to ensure that drinking conditions remain as sanitary as possible.

For optimum taste and odour reduction, this sports bottle filling station has a 3,000-gallon filter, cleansing the water of lead, Class 1 particulates and chlorine. An LED monitor indicates when the filters need to be changed and the process is extremely easy.

Filter changing is the only real maintenance you need to think about with this unit.

“If you are renting the unit MIW will deal with this as part of your service contract, otherwise, we can show you what to do after installation. Other than cleaning “ and is made from stainless steel, which takes very little effort".

With sustainability and customer service being the joint objectives behind the installation of most water bottle filling stations, the Elkay EZH20 has been devised to consume very little power, non-refrigerated (although it can be used with a remote chiller placed within 15 feet of the bottle filling station if required), the only electricity used is to power the water release and the bottle counter.

Filtration Optional
H x W x D (cm) 65 x 22 x 45
Wall Security Brackets Included
Waste Option(s) McAlpine 32mm Drain / 10L Waste Container / Waste Water Pump
Weight (kg) 10.25
Chilled Water Production Nil
Rated Input 370 Watts
Water Temperature Ambient