• Filtered
  • ADA Approved
  • GreenSpec Listed
  • Sensor Operated
  • BREEAM Approved
  • NSF 61/372 lead free
  • WRAS Approved
  • Vandal Resistant

Eco-UV Genie Touch Free Refill Station (Non-Chilled)

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MIW.co.uk's own Eco-UV Genie Touch Free Refill Station Non-Chill bottle filler offers the ideal combination of high performance, durability and ease of use that is essential to meet the hydration requirements of any fast-paced or high traffic environment. The unit is WRAS approved.

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Designed to provide a solution to the problem of shared hydration facilities in the post-pandemic environment, the pioneering Eco-UV Genie Touch Free Refill Station series delivers the first drinking fountains on the UK market with both contactless operation and UV filtration, making them among the safest and most hygienic bottle fillers available. 

The Eco-UV Genie Touch Free Refill Station Non-Chill automatically dispenses water through sensor operation. Place your bottle into the dispensing alcove and let the unit quickly and cleanly refill your bottle “ laminar flow works to prevent splashback. The 20 second automatic cut off ensures that receptacles are not over filled and removes the possibility of damage should vandals attempt to trigger an overflow. And all of this is achieved without any need to touch any part of the device. At atime when the risk of contagion is a significant concern, this has become an increasing priority. But it™s equally beneficial in preventing the spread of other common bugs, such as flu, colds and norovirus, as it is for COVID-19. And to give extra peace of mind, the unit has been finished with an anti-bacterial coating. 

In addition to being touch-free, the Eco-UV Genie water bottle filler comes pre-installed with a MIW Ultra-Blu UV Steriliser. UV sterilisation is broadly acknowledged as the safest and most efficient way to remove impurities from the water stream in any dispenser. The system is proven to eliminate 99.99% of all waterborne microorganisms, including mould, bacteria, and viruses such as E. coli, cryptosporidium, giardia and legionella. But unlike other filtration systems, it does not affect the taste or smell of the water. It™s long-lasting too, with the filter only requiring replacement after a minimum of 6,000 hours use or 3 years of years “ whichever comes first. And if you™re renting the Eco-UV Genie from MIW, filter replacement is covered by your service agreement.

To be absolutely certain that every eventuality is provided for, all of the bottle fillers in the Eco-UV Genie series utilise activated carbon and patented ATS lead-removal media to filter the water too. This ensures that any potentially harmful particles are removed before they reach the drinker. The unit is also tested to NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 standards for the reduction of chlorine and lead content.

And as an additional safety feature, this model is fitted with RCD breakers. This provides the best possible electrical protection and removes any risk of shocks in the unlikely event of power surges or malfunction.

Despite its impressive performance “ it can fill up to 680 bottlesevery hour “ the Eco-UV Genie Touch Free Refill Station Non-Chilled isGreensSpecâ„¢ listed for its strong eco credentials. It uses up to 60% less water and electricity during in operation than comparable water coolers. Which is great for the both the environment and your budget. While other features have been worked into the design to deliver the utmost functionality and flexibility. A "turbo drain"removes waste water up to eight times faster than similar units, to prevent any spillages. This can send waste directly into the mains or an optional pump can be fitted.While the outer casing has been created to accommodate both floor and wall mounting.  The pre-drilled location holes mean that you can install it in the most convenient way possible for your organisation. And that™s not the only benefit of the external design. 

Made from heavy grade stainless steel, the Eco-UV Genie is durable and impressively hardwearing. Vandal-proof features “ security screws, locked cabinet, and no external moving parts “ add to its longevity. While the ability to customise the exterior with your organisation™s colours, logo, branding and messaging makes sure that it fits seamlessly into its new location.

WRAS certified,the Eco-UV Genie complies with all water regulations. It™s also suitable for wheelchair users and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) approved, with the touch-free operation making the bottle filler as easy as possible to use. 

The ideal choice for busy, fast-paced environments where multiple users will have need to share the same facilities, such as schools, universities and hospitals, the Eco-UV Genie Touch Free Refill Station sets the bar for safe, hygienic, communal water dispensers. 

The Eco-UV Genie Touch Free Refill Station Non-Chill is available for purchase or rent. For a low monthly fee, your MIW rental contract will cover product installation, servicing, sanitisation, repairs and consumables such as filters. In short, everything you need to enjoy cool, fresh, clean water “ without the touch of a button!

 This product is available as part of the Eco-Schools initiative. 

Filtration Yes
H x W x D (cm) 150 x 60 x 30
Wall Security Brackets Included
Waste Option(s) McAlpine 32mm Drain / 10L Waste Container / Waste Water Pump
Weight (kg) 38 Kg
Chilled Water Production Nil
Cooling System Advanced Pressure Cooler
Rated Input 6 Watts
Water Temperature Ambient